Hives after skin test

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My 3 year old daughter (severe PA) had her first skin test yesterday. They didn't do peanut but they did almond for the first time, which was positive (2-3) no big deal really, as we already avoid all pn/tn. But six hours later, her body (esp. limbs) were covered with hives, and now a day later they still are. I've talked to 3 doctors including the allergist and they all said to do benadryl every 4 hours (unless of course she gets any bad signs) and that the hives could last several days. Thankfully she is not too itchy, and is feeling/ acting normally but I definitely wasn't expecting this! Has anyone else experienced this in their child (or self)? If so how long did it go on and do you have any tips to help it run its course quickly. Thanks

(the one good tip I got from a nurse was to keep her as cool as possible, in light clothes. After a bath (which I thought was cool, but i guess not cool enough) all the hives were bigger and she got new ones on her face. After a couple hours they receded and i *think* it's all slowly fading.

By Bassball23bb on Sep 14, 2011

I had a skin test done back in 2008 and for about 2 weeks after I had increased asthma symptoms.

If the rash is mainly on her limbs is there a possibility she may be coming in contact with something that is causing a reaction?

As a child I was always getting rashes and swollen eyes from touching things that were dusty or dirty then touching my face. As I got older and began washing my hands more frequently and stopped touching my eyes and face around known allergens my reactions were drastically reduced from about 3 times a week to maybe once every 6 to 8 months.

Now as an adult when I start to feel itchy anywhere around my face or neck (which usually occurs after digging through boxes in my garage) I take a long shower, about 20 minutes, and that usually does the trick.

By jessicaNJpa on Sep 14, 2011

it could have been anything but I think it was almost certainly the skin testing. anyway here on day 2 it's a lot better :)

By Busymomof3 on Sep 14, 2011

My kids get hives & I put them in a bath with baking soda. Some baking soda isn't safe (Walmart brand is manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts &/or nuts-- I can't remember but know that I don't buy that brand.)