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Last week my dd had skin colored bubbles on her wrists. The size of the end of a pencil eraser. On one wrist she had like seven on the other she had 20 or so. I couldn't think of anything that would have come in contact with peanuts. The night before we had pancake mix that I found out had traces of tree nuts, but it was almost 24 hours before I saw these bumps.

Today she has one blister bump thing on her wrist and an eczema flare up around it. Last night she had homemade cookie bars someone gave us as a thank you gift. She said she used flours, egg, the basics nothing with peanuts. She used regular chocolate chips. Whenever I buy choc chips they have never said anything about peanuts. Is there some brands that have warnings on them?

Today we ate at Mc Donalds she ate part of a cinnamon roll then said she didn't want it. She also had oj. I checked the complete list of ingredients about 6 mos ago and it was fine. She has eaten two and I never noticed any reaction before. I'm sure this is going to be another one of those unexplained cases. Do you think this was an allergic reaction?


Hunter 3yrs PA, TNA, EA

On Feb 12, 2004

Just wondering if the hives are only on your dd's wrist. My dd gets cold urticaria (hives from the cold) especially on her wrist where there is a little space between her mitten and coat sleeve. For a couple of days after the initial reaction the hives seem to come and go for some reason even when she's not in the cold.

On Feb 19, 2004

The first time she hadn't been outside that day. It could have been a delayed reaction. She had one on her elbow yesterday it was surronded by an eczema flare up again. We see her allergist Monday. I havent seen him for 9 or 10 mos. so I'll have a long list of questions for him.

Thanks Angie

On Feb 19, 2004

I hope everything goes well. Please let us know how you make out.