My son who has a PA allergy just broke out from some sticky rice steamed in a banana leaf....that was all the ingredients...but have found out that the restaurants' steamer steams other things with PEANUT in them. Anyways, didn't have to use epi or anything, but after two bites, his stomach turned red, hot to the touch, looked like heat rash, but within seconds that rash turned into hives, and very itchy, I gave him benadryl which calmed it a bit, he was still up most of the night scratching. Letting him sleep in this morning to catch up on sleep, and check his skin and go to school late. But someone had said...that their kids have GI problems for 48 hours after they have a hive incident, haven't heard back from her...wondering if anyone out there whose child has have hives, what do I do now, watch for? Too early to call dr. thought I would check with you parents in the meantime, thankyou

On Apr 6, 2007

Get your call in to the doctor right now, even if it means the answering service takes message. No telling where doc might be since this is holiday weekend, so you want to get message to doc ASAP.

IF this were my child, I would likely keep him/her home with me for the day, if at all possible.

If you do send child to school, be sure to tell teacher &/or nurse about incident & to watch for symptoms, to include possible diarrhea. If hives return, are you OK with them administering benadryl & then calling you?

It has been 7 years since my son's last-known ingestion of peanut. He did have diarrhea for a couple days afterward. He was only 1 & could not tell us of breathing difficulty as an older child might be able to.

Not intending this as medical advice. PLEASE call your doctor to get guidance.

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On Apr 6, 2007

Thanks for your response. I called the dr. office back, got their answering service, who go the dr. to call me. The school is just across the street so we did go to school today. And I personally talked with the teacher and told her of the incident last night, and if he is still itchy to give him benadryl, and yes, they are good about that. She suggested that she will have him drink lots of water to flush out his system. She asked if it was ok for him to go outside...if running around would "bring it back on"??? I said I did not know, but make sure the recess people keep an eye on him.