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Hi, My 4 year old daughter is anaphylaxis to peanuts (we also stay away from all nuts). She has had one reaction when she ate a candy at church that made her have a reaction. Luckily we were aware of the peanut allergy so we had an epipen and administered it. By the time the ambulance got us to the hospital she was totally fine.

My daughter will be starting kindergarten this fall. In a couple of weeks I am meeting the school nurse to go over her allergy. Is there anything special I should do?

Thanks, Nicole

On Feb 20, 2007

Welcome! You've come to the right place for information on going to school with a peanut allergy.

You may want to check out the Schools section and read up about 504 plans. There is a lot of information there--you can find what you are looking for using the search function.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


------------------ Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 4 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Feb 21, 2007

Hi Cathy, Thanks so much for telling me about the school section. WOW there is a lot of information there. It will come in handy. Thanks again, Nicole