Hi new to this forum.


My name is Stephen and i was diagnosed with a nut allergy late November. I had never had a problem with any type of nuts until then. Found out i was allergic to nuts in the worst case scenario. (anaphylaxis shock) and I have avoided nuts ever since. I search everyday if anyone has witnessed a nut allergy go away. I realize children can outgrow allergies but I am 19 and was wondering if anyone around this age has seen an allergy go away. I pray for the allergy can go away as it restricted my life greatly. I feel scared to eat anything. Please let there be hope.

By cervonil on Jul 5, 2011

Have you seen an allergist, just wondering what his thoughts were. Are you allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. I can not for the life of me understand how this is turning up in people that have eaten nuts all their life. So weird.