Hi!!! New to the group!!! Desentization question!!


Im new to the group, but have been dealing with my son's PA for over 4 years now. Im pretty educated on the subject, just starting to feel alone (I don't personally know anyone dealing with this). My friends and family are about as supportive as they can be (as Im sure most of you know, most people still dont GET it completely). My son gets re-tested for his PA every year and will be going in tomorrow. Im honestly not very optimistic about him outgrowing it at this point (his allergy is the worst they have ever seen) but I am going to inquire about desensitization. Has anyone ever done this, or thought about doing it?!?!?



By Mrsdocrse on Jan 17, 2011

Are you speaking about "allergy shots" for food allergies? Not sure if that is what you mean. I have heard about it but have no specific info for you.

By telg1980 on Jan 17, 2011

@Mrsdocrse I don't believe they are shots. I know they start off with a small percentage of peanut protein (do not know if it is given via injection or orally) until tolerance is built. Im not even sure my Dr. does this, or if it is even safe for my son considering the severity of his allergy. Wouldnt hurt to ask though I suppose. Just the thought of him accidentally ingesting a peanut (which has not happened yet but chances are it will at some point)and not having a life threatening reaction would be a dream come true!!

By ChasingRain on Mar 9, 2011

I have asked my allergist about this recently. He said that they do this at a few select hospitals in my area but many factors had to be considered before they would allow a child into the program.

First, they WILL NOT take any child that has had a severe reaction to peanuts within the last two years. He explained that they will only take children who have had mild to moderate reactions.

The child must be 8 years old.(In my area, at least)

There is no guarantee that the desensitization will work, and many children who were once in the program were immediatly removed because of having severe reations to the peanut protein even though they had never had severe reactions prior.

He told me that because of the reactions my son has had, as well as his age, that he would not refer him to the program at this time. He does constantly reassure me, however, that they are getting closer to finding a "cure" or desensitization for everyone, even those who are severe.

Things may be different in your area, though. So I would def. bring it up to your doctor and see what he/she thinks.

I know that there was a story on my local news the other day about a 10 year old boy who went through the desensitization process and is now able to ingest peanuts without a problem. In fact, he has to eat at least one tablespoon of peanut butter a day. Ahhh, that would be a miracle :) good luck... Tiffany

By ligiahag7902 on Mar 21, 2011

Hi ! I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

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