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Hi, I have been lurking for a while and these posts have been so helpful to us. My daughter is four years old and allergic to peanut. We have known she was allergic for a while but are only recently really having our awareness raised about avoiding food "manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts" and any other trace exposures. Our main concern with avoiding even the smallest traces of peanut have to do with increasing our odds of her outgrowing the allergy. Can anyone refer me to actual studies/journal articles on this?

On Oct 16, 2007

Ooops, I forgot to add my question about eating out. I know you have to talk to the chef, bring a chef's card, etc. But how do you know, or can you know, that the ingredients they are using do not, themselves, come from places that also process peanuts? I'm wondering how people are dealing with this issue. Thanks!

On Oct 17, 2007


I don't have any articles to reference and I'm not sure the Dr's really have an answer. I do like this book Understanding and Managing your Childs Food allergies by Sicherer for a Dr's perspective and The Parents Guide to Food alleriges for a monthers perspective.

Restaurants - ug that is a tough one. I have taken lately to calling ahead talking to a mng or chef. I drill them until I find something on their menu ok for my kid then we go. Some restaurants are more allergy friendly. IE outback has allergy information on their web site which helps get the ball rolling. I would still call. I ask about the ingredients, the oil they fry in how the food is cooked - ie are the burgers fried on the same grill as the pecan salmon or whatever. If they fry in peanut oil we wouldn't even go. And I try to order very simple for him. For example we go to a fish place and he gets steamed crab and veggies and a baked potato and applesauce.

Figuring out your comfort zone on things is one of the hardest parts.

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On Oct 18, 2007

To be honest we have never addressed this issue. My son is 22 and has had his PA forever. He asks that they prepare his food away from any foods containing peanuts or nuts. Although he won't eat in a restaurant with a peanut dish on the menu, it's usually dressings he asks to keep away from his food.

We have never asked about ingredients, may contains or made ins. Recipe ingredients yes but the flour or whatever? No. We probably should.

Not that you should not. My son is very sensitive so I imagine if this was a problem it would have shown itself long ago.

Not advice just what we do.


On Oct 19, 2007

We have a pretty tight comfort zone. We don't eat anywhere that has peanut anything on the menu or peanut products used (oil or flour). I call ahead, bring a chef's card, speak with the manager and server. Thus far people are very accomodating and friendly. I make sure to thank everyone constantly and leave a generous tip.