Hi I am new.

Posted on: Wed, 03/26/2008 - 9:59am
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Joined: 03/26/2008 - 16:50

HI everyone,
I am new to the this group. I have 2 girls ages 6 and 7 year old. My 7 yr old is allergic to peanuts and hazelnuts and has seasonal allergies and my 6 yr old is allergic to peanuts also. It has been a journey keeping them safe in thier schools and even at certain family members homes. Now I also have a son who just turned 1yr. I pray that he will not have this allery. I am so happy that to be part of this group. I hope to find many answers and I know that we are not the only family going through this alone. Thank you,kim

Posted on: Wed, 03/26/2008 - 11:25am
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Joined: 11/08/2007 - 09:44

WELCOME!! Sounds like you have been around the block a bit with allergies. I'm glad you found the board and I look forward to getting to know and learning from your experience. I hope your little guy too doesn't end up with any allergies.

Posted on: Wed, 03/26/2008 - 10:14pm
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Joined: 03/25/2008 - 14:29

Hi and welcome! I only just joined this board a few days ago and I've already learned so much.

Posted on: Thu, 03/27/2008 - 10:34am
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Joined: 01/16/2007 - 09:00

Hi, Welcome
I have a 7 year old son who is PA. glad you are here. It is always great to have people that have been dealing with this for a bit giving some input!

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