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Just wanted to say hi. Name is Chris, just diagnosed with PA (bad) and TNA, had my first reaction a couple of weeks ago after never having a problem with either for 26 years.

This message board is great, thanks to all that are involved. If anyone has any good Chicago based PA/TNA friendly restaurants feel free to share.


On Mar 24, 2008

Hi and welcome to pa.com! Sorry to hear about the pa/tna. New members are always welcome and as many here have children with pa/tna, an adult with the allergies is a needed perspective.

On Mar 25, 2008

Hi! I live in far west suburbs of Chicago. My 4 yr old son is the one with PA/TNA. We learned the hard way to stay away from Mexican restaurants- I wouldn't have thought mexican would be a problem but it was right from the get-go so now we avoid it. We too are looking for Chicago restaurants that are safe. We went to Outback Steakhouse last weekend and it was fine. They only have one nut-based sauce with one of their fish dishes, and thats it. We spoke with the manager before going, and he assured us that they sanitize the pan after cooking their nut sauce. We had no problems there. Other than that, we are looking for restaurants too. My son was diagnosed about a month ago.

On Mar 27, 2008

Welcome Chris!

are you sure it was a tree nut reaction and not a cross contamination issue with a peanut? that has to be a drag. my son has never had tree nuts so he doesn't know what he is missing.

good luck Therese

On Apr 2, 2008

Yah, unfortunately it's both peanuts and tree nuts, scratch and blood tests confirm it. It is bad because peanuts/tree nuts were such a HUGE part of my diet. Peanut butter and Chinese food were my two favorite foods. My dad came to clear out my apartment of the offending foods and I had like nothing left.

It was really hard the first couple of days being a huge change I had not way to plan for, but I'm starting to figure things out so its not so overwhelming anymore. I'm still freaking out, but I'm getting by (largely because this forum helps).

On Apr 3, 2008

WELCOME Chris! I'm so sorry you have pn/tn allergy. It must be a difficult adjustment for you especially since you have been used to eating pn/tn for so long.

I know it is different with most of us having children that are pa/tna but as a nursing mom who also had to cut out all pn/tn I can feel your pain at least a little bit. I'm guessing my youngest is pna because of the cans upon cans of nuts I ate during my pregnancy and the first few months of nursing before we found out about his allergy. I too am a BIG pn/tn lover and sometimes I really really miss certain foods. It has been months now and I am much more adjusted than I was in the beginning. Again, I know it is really nothing compared to what you are dealing with.

Welcome to the board!

On Apr 7, 2008

Hi and Welcome to the board. It has helped me through a very difficult year getting used to PA/TNA. Removing peanut butter was tramatic for me as it was one of my favorite foods in the whole world. Okay maybe that sounds a little dramatic :-) but it was difficult. Sunbutter has been a lifesaver for me and the kids. I love the stuff now (and I say this as a former devout PB purist). I have been able to use it in every application that I formerly used PB. My mom even made filled chocolate Easter eggs with sunbutter filling (very yummy!!).