Hi everyone, new here!

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Hi all,

I registered in June of last year after my daughter was diagnosed with PA, but haven't posted until now. Luckily, she hasn't had any reactions since her first 'real' one, which was really her 2nd one, but I'd thought the 1st was because of dairy, which she is also mildly allergic to.

Anyway, she is now almost 4 and we are at a great preschool which is nut/peanut-free and has teachers who are very diligent about her allergies. I'm now just gathering information, and talking to the elementary school's principal and nurse to see what we need to do for next year when she enters kindergarten.

My son who is 2 has also had reactions to tree nuts, dairy and kiwi. I'm waiting for our appointment with the allergist to find out the extent and severity of his allergies, but I have epi pens on hand for both children at all times.

This is a fantastic site with tons of relevent information. Thanks.

On Oct 17, 2008

just wanted to say that i have one of your epi holders ... love it! very durable as well. welcome!!

On Oct 17, 2008

WELCOME!!! Glad you decided to start posting and share your experiences. That is wonderful you found such a great school that is pn/tn free for your DD. That is certainly one of my top concerns as my DS gets older.

I hope your appt for your DS goes well and hopefully not too many FA's. Keep us posted on how it goes!

Again, welcome!