Hi all, I am new here, and new to peanut allergy. Still - Peanut Allergy Information

Hi all, I am new here, and new to peanut allergy. Still

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Hi all, I am new here, and new to peanut allergy. Still in the "sad and stunned " phase of giving up peanuts and peanut butter. I have had seasonal, skin and household allergies all my life, and did not expect to also develop a food allergy. I have just been looking around the site to familiarize myself with the content, and I especially like what I see in these discussions.

I am wondering how common it is to also react to other legumes as well as peanuts? Anyone else who developed peanut allergy in middle age, lol? I am in my 50's.

By SamIam on Feb 18, 2014

My son is almost 4. He is severely allergic to peanuts. He was tested for other Legumes, which came back negative. However, he does not like to eat beans (chili, pinto, red), green beans or peas. They seem to bother him and he develops a rash around his mouth. I try to keep him away from them now. The reaction is not as severe but you never know. My father in-law had his first reaction, anaphylaxis, at age 55. He has never been allergic to food of any kind (that he knows of) but did have asthma and outdoor allergies as a child. His son (my husband) also has food allergies. I hope this helps and good luck with your allergy.

By MamaD on Feb 18, 2014

My son is only 2 but he has a peanut allergy & also tested positive to several other legumes (as well as tree nuts, eggs, & several fruits.) His allergist said it's not common but not unheard of. His reactions to legumes have been much less severe (in the past) than his peanut reactions but we exercise total avoidance of all legumes now.

By Wolfgran on Feb 19, 2014

Thank you for your input, I have a Dr appt. tomorrow, and I plan to get tested ASAP. Blessings~

By Hagginz on Mar 28, 2014

just adding my 2 cents in, ive been fatally allergic to nuts since ive been born and legumes (besides peanuts) are not a problem for me. i am allergic to peanut/all tree nut. good luck with your allergy, i was born with the nut allergy and developed my seasonal/household allergies at 20 haha we flip flopped

By basantos on Jul 9, 2014

My daughter, age 12, recently had a reaction to a cherry (lost voice for an hour, ears itched, throat hurt). She had allergy testing and her tests came back as allergic to peanuts among pollens, molds, pets, etc. I've never noticed any reaction to her eating peanuts in the past. the cherry reaction was due to oral allergy syndrome and is not life threatening but due to her allergy to pollens. What has your doctor said to this new finding? We are stumped. She now has an epi pen and a follow-up appt. in 2 weeks. I have so many questions. People are doubting her results but I cannot ignore them! This is a doctor with a good reputation.