I have been reading threads for a long time. I have learned very much from different threads here. I have 2 boys, my second is Peanut, Cashew, Brazil Nut allergic. My son is 6 1/2 (the one with the food allergies )Plus he has asthma (as does my eldest son--age 14) DS has been diagnosed for PA since age 1 year. Just recently (1 year ago for the tree nuts). We were very friendly with a play group of moms with non-allergic kids. As I learned how to deal with my DS's allergy, I tried to educate my friends. They got tired of hearing it (very evident). After a series of Rast tests, and much more education I learned to not be so trusting of others with cooking/baking and I began to bring his food to places. I gave everyone notice that we had to do this for his safety. Unfortunately, this group of 3 women decided I was being selfish and I should let them bake things for my son to eat--they wanted to "try"--mind you "try" meant that his life was put at risk for their own feelings of baking worthiness. I said no and continued at the next party to bring our food. We were all ignored and given the cold shoulder. I was later told I was rude to not let my son have a piece of birthday cake one of the mom's baked (this mom used peanuts in EVERYTHING). So,I broke off with this group. And am finding others who are worthy of our time. It is a difficult road. My son has children in his kindergarten whose parents have been outwardly rude about food allergies--maybe due to the poor portrayal in the media?? I don't know. I just continue to be a supportive mother for my children and educate people as much as possible. Thanks for your time :-)

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I know it can be hurtful when people don't understand. Especially when it is your child. My opinion is to surround yourself with people who do understand & love your family. People that accomadate your child's special diet are your true friends. You will be happier, less stressed & your child won't feel excluded. (which is how it should be)

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Thanks so much for your reply. I am looking forward to spending some time on these forums. :-)