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Hello to everyone! I am new here... my name, obviously, is Joni LOL... Anyways, I just got back from the ER with my 10 month old daughter, who is suffering from a reaction to the peanut butter I gave her 2 days ago. She is at that stage where she wants to eat what mommy is eating so I gave her a few tiny bites of my pb&j sandwich... and she seemed fine. But she went to sleep and she woke up 2 hours early and then was fussy all day yesterday... she was gassy, had diarrhea, slobbering, wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep... I figured it to be teething, until this morning when I changed her and she had this rash all over her chest and belly... straight to the ER for her. The doc informed me it was most likely from the peanut butter and she is on benadryl and pedialyte. From what I have read up on the subject I feel like I should take her in and get her tested... The doc only said just to not give her peanut butter. And both my hubby and I agree she should be tested just in case. But I have one question... are there any other allergies that go along with the peanut allergy that I should be looking out for?? Thanks! Joni

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On Sep 15, 2000

Hi Joni and welcome! Because your daughter is so young, you have the opportunity to prevent other future food allergies. You should not expose her to egg until after 1 year. Especially egg white, which is dense in protein (the protein cause the allergic reaction). You should avoid shellfish until she is at least 5 years old. Tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.) and even sesame seeds should also be avoided. There is a list on this board somewhere about the most highly allergenic food, if I find it I will post it, but the above foods are definitely on the list.

They say if you can avoid exposure to these allergenic foods until your child is at least 5 years old, their immune system will be mature enough to not recognize it as a threat. Definitely find out about allergy testing, even if you run into resistance from your doctor. Sometimes doctors and allergists have different ideas about the threat of food allergies, but it is your right to know how to best protect your daughter.

The information I posted above is off the top of my head, so please do investigate these allergenic foods further. You've come to the right place for support - I think this board is filled with the most kind and sensible people on the net. I know - I looked at other sites - some of the people are... well... not very nice! Good luck!

On Sep 16, 2000

Thanks for replying! I didn't know if you kept those kinds of foods from your kids til age 5, there was a better chance of them not reacting to it! That is good to hear! I swear I am such a paranoid mother... my DH ate peanut butter last night (that is his favorite dessert) and I made him eat in the other room and then wash his hands afterwards! LOL BTW... my daughter's name is Caylin... [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] Joni

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On Sep 16, 2000

Hi Joni, You will learn a lot from these boards. Read as much as you can. You were not asking too much for your husband to wash his hands after eating pb. Really, make sure he does at least that as well as brush his teeth and wash his face. I've heard of reactions from children being kissed on the cheek by someone who had eaten pb earlier. Also, you do need to get in touch with an allergist. It is not enough to keep your baby away from pb. We all try to do that. You need an epi pen. Anyone allergic to pb needs one in case of a severe reaction. Unfortunately, ER docs are usually ignorant of this fact (the one we saw with my son's first reaction was too and he was a friend of ours! I never let him forget it either! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] )

On Sep 18, 2000

Welcome! I am glad that you found this website so soon. You will learn alot here. What the ER doctor told you is exactly what my pediatrician told me. Don't feed him peanuts. One day a few months ago my younger son, Aaron, and I were eating cashews and I offered my 4 year old (Jacob -the one who is PA) some and he asked if there were peanuts in them. He has always hated peanuts/PB. I told him no, so he ate 3 small pieces when I suggested that I put them away so I could lay Aaron down. Within 15 seconds he had hives all over him, saliva pouring from his mouth so much that at first I used a towel until that was dripping when and then I put a bowl in front of him, he vomitted, had diarhea, was grabbing his throat and screaming that it hurt, and then his blood pressure dropped. I never had an Epi and it took the nurse 20 minutes to call me back. She told me to give him 1 tsp. of Benadryl and things did improve but I noticed later that his face was very flushed and hot. I didn't know at the time that there can be a second reaction. Please go have your child tested. It will help give you peace in your mind to know exactly what your child is allergic to. If they didn't prescribe an Epi then you definately need one. You find peanuts in some of the oddest places! Be careful and continue to read. This website is the best!

On Sep 19, 2000


When you go see an allergist ask them to do a complete pediatric panel of tests. That would include all the major allergens and should give you a lot of information.