Hershey\'s white chips?


Has anyone found these chips yet? My supermarket doesn't carry them and I cant' find on line if they have an allergen warning on them... I'd love to know if they are safe!

On Sep 18, 2005

My store carries them, and will check again, but I believe I saw that they are not safe. And here's why I think this. I do not like chocolate. It's true. It tastes bitter to me (except the sweetest milk chocolate, and then I can only take a bite or two). I adore white chocolate. So when I saw Hershey's white chocolate, I thought, "Yippee!" but was disappointed and ended up not buying them.

Last week at the store when I was in that aisle buying things to make for DS, I almost looked again but thought, oh yeah, I checked recently.

I will check next time I'm there--should be some time this week.

On Sep 18, 2005

I checked recently and I remember them being UNsafe as well as the butterscotch ones. My daughter is not fond of chocolate and would love to use white chips. Some of the nut-free companies do make them so it may be worth looking into those...

On Sep 18, 2005

I am guessing unsafe too, since I do not buy thema nd I do buy Hershey chips(semisweet and we tried raspberry). I think when I found the rasp. flavored(chco, with rasp), they had alot fo the vareities at that store(I do not go there regularly). I checked them all and only 1 or two were safe. I know I was disappointed. But, hey, email them! becca

On Sep 23, 2005

I am pretty sure that Hershey's white chips are not safe. I did find white chips at Walmart (their store brand). It did not contain the warning on the label but since I've never used this brand before I don't completely trust them. Of course they do not include a phone number on the label which means I'd have to write to the. I prefer to speak to someone directly instead of waiting weeks for a response. Anybody familiar with this brand?