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I bought kisses the other day after reading the label, which doesn't have any nut ingredients. I called them, and they said they can't guarantee that they don't make anything with nuts on the same line, but her child is pa and she trusts their labeling. she assured me that they are very strict with their labeling and if anything would come incontact it would read, "Made in a factory where peanut products are made." Has anyone had a problem with Kisses before? And another question, I read to stay away from hydrolized soybean or vegetable oil in products too, is there any truth to this? If there is why? Thank you for anyone that can answer my questions.

On Oct 28, 2005

Hydrolyzed plant protein and hydrolyzed vegetable protein are what i was told to watch out for as they could be from nuts. i believe europe uses these ingredients more than the US does. are you just avoiding nuts and not soy?? I dont give my some kisses. a lot of people do but i have heard some reaction stories. i do let my son have plain hershey bars, without the warning of course, rolos, kit kat bites only not sticks, andes chocolate mints, whoppers malted chocolate candies, BOY HE EATS TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE!!

On Oct 28, 2005

Well, my daughter was just diagnosed last month for peanut/ tree nuts, she's 21 months, they said to keep her away from legumes and beans too, but she's been eating them w/o a problem... thank God!! It's just so confusing! I just wanted to know what basic things are safe for halloween, not that she'll eat a lot , just a bite or two. Thank you for your suggestions, it really helps me from being overwhelmed by this whole thing, to know what other moms give their children with peanut allergies. Thanks!

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On Oct 28, 2005


Originally posted by tidina: [b]Hydrolyzed plant protein and hydrolyzed vegetable protein are what i was told to watch out for as they could be from nuts. [/b]

FYI - For anyone in [b]Canada[/b], it is safe as government law would require the source of the hydrolyzed protein to be listed. Peanut products can not be hidden in Canada - they must be declared on the label

The peanut butter kisses have 'peanut ' written on the foil and the white ribbon which is good as it helps to differentiate them from regular kisses. However, I don't eat any kisses without taking them out of the original bag (with the ingredient list) just to be safe. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Oct 29, 2005

my allergist said if my son ate beans before to not worry about it but i still do and he hasnt had beans. i always worry when i give him green peas but he is ok with them.