Hershey\'s Chocolate Syrup or Kellogs Cornflakes?

Posted on: Mon, 01/10/2000 - 6:39am
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My daughter Catherine is severely PA and on Xmas eve we had breakfast out and she had an individual box of cornflakes and a glass of chocolate milk. Within 10 minutes she had a violent reaction. We are mystified as neither the Hershey's syrup nor the Kellog's cornflakes had any indications that there was any possibility of contamination. I still feel shaken to the core and ever more keenly aware that a common ingredient to many food manufacturers is a deadly poison to our children. Anybody else experience any problems with these Products

Posted on: Mon, 01/10/2000 - 8:44am
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Many times manufacturers use the same production/packaging equipment for all of their smaller packages. While Kelloggs may very well have dedicated lines for some of their regular sized cereal boxes, the individual size may be run on the same line as something that could cause a cross contamination reaction in an allergic individual. It is very important when you are calling manufacturers that you specify which package you are inquiring about and then stick with that package. ASk them about other sizes too. Each format may have a different answer as to the safety of that product while still under the same Corporate umbrella. Every size may not even come from the same manufacturing facility. We have a friend who experienced this first hand: While pouring out an individual sized box of cereal, a Honey Nut Cheerio appeared in the bowl of her nut allergic son!
Stay safe

Posted on: Mon, 01/10/2000 - 1:14pm
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Kelloggs has information which they will tell you about their bar code. If you contact them they should tell you which
manufacturing facility has no peanuts in it etc. and how to read their bar code so you can tell.
I went yesterday to the grocery store and was able to find the certain bar code which they told me to look for, but on other
shopping occasions the code was not on any of the cereal boxes which were in stock. The only ones found were the ones I was
avoiding. When I do find the code I am looking for I buy four boxes of the cereal so I will not have to deal with this again for a
little while.
Which facility will be delivered to your local store seems to change often, one week you may find one bar code indicating one
facility and the next week there may be a different one. This may not be true for all locations so you may want to find out from
Kellogg's if they can tell you.
NOTE: I have had others tell me that they sometimes have a hard time locating a box with the bar code they are looking for. They
sometimes have to go to many stores before locating the bar code they want. The store they usually shop often gets them again
with the code they want also. It all depends on which boxes get shipped and from where etc..
The same kind of cereal may be made at different facilities, so you need to know how to use the bar code.
Yesterday when I went shopping the boxes had two different codes on the same kind of cereal (this showing they were made at
two different facilities). Luckily the code I was looking for was one of them.
Although it would be a lot of work to remember which manufacturers you need to remember a bar code for and how to read them
all, it is better than nothing!
Obviously we can't all learn how to read every manufacturers bar codes, this is why we are pushing for better labeling laws so the
information we need will be easy to use etc.
If you have not sent your financial support so we can continue to work on this and many other issues, please do so asap. I spoke
with the government agency today which has helped to write the petition to the FDA and it is now being shopped around! So we
need to be financially ready as a group to fight for it very soon, so please put your check in the mail today! We will be posting the
petition on the site when the timing is correct and we are ready to deal with all the opposition from the manufacturers associations
We need to be ready to promote it, defend it and be able to work on whatever needs to be done to get it passed.
Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Thu, 02/10/2000 - 5:28am
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It has been my experience that things made in a minature version do not have the same labeling as the larger size. For example, at Halloween, the bite size candy bars didn't even have an ingredients label at all! We avoid candy bars, but I checked out of curiosity. This seems to be true for smaller packs of crackers, etc. Audrey, you didn't say how the story turned out. I hope everything was and is okay with your daughter!!
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Posted on: Thu, 02/10/2000 - 6:36am
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Hi Tammy,
You will also find this to be true with "reduced fat" foods. As an example, "reduced fat" Cheese Nips are made with peanut oil whereas the regular ones, I believe, are okay (haven't checked them out in a while) but I don't buy them for possible cross contamination reasons.
I remember way back when the "miniature" Nestle Crunch bars listed peanuts in the ingredients long before peanuts were listed on the "regular" size bars.
This whole peanut allergy issue is tedious and time consuming but there is no way around reading the labels. So frustrating but so necessary!
Stay safe.

Posted on: Fri, 02/11/2000 - 1:48am
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Happily Catherine is fine though she does get weepy occassionally and asks why me? There are no other peanut allergic children at her nursery school and she finds this difficult. I'm going to ask the school principle to ensure that she has another PA child in her class so she and her other classmates can realise that this is just another version of normal. As far as the comment about miniature candies goes it was an unlabled chocolate ball that set off her near fatal experience in mid November.
One day I'll go to the appropriate board and tell you whole story. I'm still stunned about the bad advice we had from her pediatrician. Needless to say I'm trying to find a new practice. Thanks for your concern

Posted on: Fri, 02/11/2000 - 9:25am
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So glad to her that your dd is doing well, I'm sure it was a scare for all of you.
We were not aware of asking about the size of packaging having an effect on cross contamination. Thanks for the head up.
Brian and Jackie

Posted on: Sun, 03/05/2000 - 12:44pm
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As far as I know, all Hershey's products are
manufactured in one facility, which is NOT
peanut-free. Perhaps the Hershey's Syrup
was the product you should be looking at!!

Posted on: Sun, 03/19/2000 - 12:03pm
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On further investigation, I have since
discovered that Hershey's has now updated
their procedures to follow FDA requirements
and now clearly labels if there are any
potential contamination issues.


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