hershey\'s and starkist

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I had a small reaction after eating Whopper's eggs and called Hershey to see if it could have been the candy. They were most helpful and concerned, they are sending me a prepaid mailer to send back the remaining candy to test to check for contamination. I was very impressed! I then checked the tuna label from StarKist I had eaten just before the candy and it contains vegetable broth ( I also react to soy) and called them to see about soy in the veg. broth, they just said it may contain but would not say it did or did not have soy. nor did he ask for the can information. not impressed. he did say he would send coupons for product that does not contain soy of any kind. like I'll believe the label again. does anyone out there react to both peanuts and soy? Thanks barb