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Hershey \"Sports\" Easter Bunny

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Today my Hannaford supermarket had a "Sports" themed Hershey Easter Bunny (a larger size). It was in a yellow box wrapped in foil and it was "dressed" in sneakers and baseball hat. I've never seen one like that before and the label looked safe so I bought it.

Just thought I'd share so others are on the lookout. My kids love "tacky" looking Easter stuff like that but we can never usually buy it!


On Mar 23, 2007

I too spied that at Wallmart recently, and grabbed 2 up fast! Last Easter I was in a mad dash to find any bunnies. This one is solid too!

------------------ Amy (mom of 2) Son PA/TNA Daughter PA/TNA

On Mar 30, 2007

I bought this yesterday at Walgreens, it's by Hershey and has no warnings. Anyone call on it yet?

I had a bad dream last night that I dove in and ate it, and as I was almost done, I glanced at the box and it had a huge orange sticker "Made with Reeses's Pieces!"

On Mar 30, 2007

I trust Hershey's labeling for "contains" and "cross-contamination". I did not call on this one.

By Thao E. Harrell on Oct 25, 2013

I love Hershey’s too that I won’t let them out of my list every weekend. Haven’t been called as well. For those who had tried, can to share it to us?

By ElaineHarris on Feb 7, 2014

I was really getting interested with your theme. I also think of having it also for my upcoming get together plans with my team. I still have to take considerations on venue and time availability. Hopefully this will be final.

By Saralinda on Jan 27, 2015

I stay away from all chocolate bunnies, eggs, and Santas. I thought there was something in the process of molding that required "bad" things to bind the chocolate into form. Many years ago, my sister had a bad reaction so I just avoid them. Does this mean there is a safe chocolate bunny? Sounds like I might gain a little chocolate weight this coming Easter.