Hershey Miniatures -- Fall Package -- WARNING!

Posted on: Sat, 10/27/2007 - 11:34am
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Hi. Sorry if I'm posting this incorrectly or in the wrong place (I just joined so I can post this), but I just had a close call and it scared me a lot!

I just bought a bag of Hershey's Miniatures (the package has fall leaves on it). It contains 4 types of bars -- Milk Choc., Special Dark, Krackel, and Mr. Goodbar! The Mr. Goodbars are not in a yellow wrapper like they usually are -- they're in a gold wrapper and I thought they were the "nugget" bars that contain almonds. (I quickly read the "Allergy Information" statement instead of the ingredient list -- and the Allergy statement only mentions tree nuts (my son isn't allergic to them). I handed the bag to my son and told him he could pick one, and thank goodness he read the label!

Could the moderator of this forum please make sure that this is posted where it should be, and let me know if there are other places I should post a warning? (like other websites). I'm including the text that I sent to [url="http://www.hersheys.com"]http://www.hersheys.com[/url] below (it's a bit more specific). Thanks very much. mcaren

"I wanted to alert your company to a possible life-threatening omission on an ingredient label for one of your products. I recently purchased a bag of Hershey's Miniatures (12 oz., fall leaves on the bag, marked "Jul 2008, 44R 8R, barcode 0 3400021020 6"). I have a son who is allergic to peanuts but not to tree nuts, and have allowed him to eat some Hershey's products as long as the product does not have an allergy warning specifying peanuts.
This package of Miniatures does show "peanuts" as an ingredient, but the "Allergy Information" statement does not mention peanuts (it specifies that the candy is manufactured on the same equipment that processes tree nuts).

I must admit that I had thought that if an "Allergy Information" statement was present on the package that ANY potential allergens would be included in that statement. (I always read the ingredient list on packages that do not contain an allergy information statement, but thought [obviously in error] that the statement would flag any potentially hazardous allergens -- not only one or a partial list.

In addition, I had quickly scanned the candy wrappers when selecting this bag -- I saw the labels of the first three bars shown on the package and recognized three products that did not (to my knowledge) contain peanuts. However, the metallic light-gold-colored wrapper has a very indistinct label (the print and background colors appear almost identical -- they just have different reflective qualities...). When I glanced through the wrappers I erroneously thought the light golden wrapper contained almonds (I believe you have another product [nugget?] with a similar wrapper). I had no idea that these miniature bars were in fact Mr. Goodbar candies -- I'm used to seeing them in a bright yellow wrapper and it didn't occur to me that they might have been wrapped in different packaging.

I handed the bag to my son and told him he could select from that bag in particular, as I thought the bag contained no peanuts. Luckily he read the wrapper (he's only seven, and I am so glad that he took the time to read it). I would have allowed him to eat a Mr. Goodbar without a second thought.

PLEASE issue some type of warning -- and please discontinue this wrapping scheme. If there are others out there who make the same mistakes that I made (like believing that allergy information statements show all potential allergens in the ingredient list, or relying on wrapper colors or design to identify candies), then an innocent purchase could result in a life-threatening medical emergency."

Posted on: Sun, 10/28/2007 - 10:04pm
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This is common....for the allergy statement to not show actual ingredients.
Many things that actually have peanuts list them in the ingredients (sometimes bolded), but not in the allergy statement. Look around and you will find this is common.
I agree that holiday changes in wrappers can be confusing. And, by the way, manufacturers are not REQUIRED to label for xcontamination.
Also, aren't you concerned about the candy with almonds being xcontaminated with peanuts? Many times tree nuts are xcontaminated with peanuts in processing. Just curious how you handle this.

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