Herseys Cocoa


I am getting ready for my sons birthday and I for some reason remember seeing something about Herseys Cocoa. I called today and got the usual if there is anything it will be marked, could you please tell me if everyone is still feeling safe with this. thanks again, Kathy Ann

On Aug 6, 2003

I feel safe using it, although I haven't since hot cocoa season. I wouldn't hesitate though if I checked the can.

On Aug 6, 2003

I trust Hersheys products as they seem to label very well. They use labels such as 'manufactured on equipment that processes peanuts', 'manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts", etc.

On Aug 6, 2003

we have never had any problems with hershey's cocoa! I use it all the time for my cakes.

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On Aug 10, 2003

I'm in the US and we have been using hershey cocoa for a couple of years with no problems. If you're really concerned you can get cocoa powder from Vermont Nut Free.


On Aug 10, 2003

We have used many cans of this for our egg free cake and brownies. Never a problem. I have been branching out and trusting more and more new(to us) Hershey products and all is fine. I find their labeling very specific regarding the exposure to specific nuts/peanuts. becca