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Posted on: Tue, 01/19/2010 - 9:36am
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Don't I remember you saying you eat out often? How do you manage that with egg allergy? "May contains" aside there are many restuarants that do not have actual peanuts on site, but EGG- everyone has egg! Do you just bring food from home for your son? I can only imagine my 3 yo's reaction if we went to a rest. and I whipped out something from home! Parties and family gatherings are hard enough!
I also seem to remember you saying you used Cherry Brook Kitchen baking mixes. Our local grocery stores only carry a few varities (most of them gluten free, which we don't need to avoid). The chocolate chips cookies were surprisingly wonderful. Do you know if their cake mix has decent rise and texture? So far we've made one stab at homemade with egg replacer and it was the saddest batch of pancakes- ever! I had thought switching to bisquick healthy hard was hard to swallow!
One last question- I also plan on asking my allergist on the next visit...How common is the 2 hour delay before a severe reaction? That's what has me losing the most sleep!
Thanks for all of your help and support! Heather

Posted on: Tue, 01/19/2010 - 10:46am
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Heather--eating out often is relative. We probably eat out or get take out 1-2 times a week. I guess that is pretty often.
With regard to egg-my son is allergic to it in baked goods, whole egg, and raw egg--at least he's had reactions with those forms of egg.
He can however tolerate traces and small amounts as in the pizza place we go to puts 1 egg to 25 lbs of flour for crust--which makes something like 30 pizzas.
So to answer your question--when eating out we avoid foods with egg, we mention ALL our allergies--but we don't worry about trace amounts with egg.
My son is 6 so he typically gets mac and cheese, pasta, pizza, hot dogs, bagels, etc. when out. We find it doable. Still a pain--but doable.
As far as cherrybrook--have not made the gluten free but we find the non gluten free cakes rise well and taste great. Unfortunately 1 box only makes an 8-9 inch layer--not a double layer cake or 13 by 9 inch cake.
Regarding delay in reactions--when my son was 1.5-2 and not speaking well--we did not know he was allergic to egg. He did not have obvious symptoms. In hindsight they were obvious..like spitting the food out, rubbing his tongue, etc.
Now some of his reactions have been quite severe--usually within 20 min. I can't say how common a delay is--obviously giving benadryl will delay any reaction. I do know that some people have delayed reactions--how common--again I can't say. I'm not sure there has been a study on it.
Oh--and boxed powdered egg replacer does NOT work in my opinion. We use applesauce, or veg/canola oil as an egg replacer.
For pancakes we get a mix that does not require eggs. I forget the name but I think it's arrowhead mills
Hope that helps! :)


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