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When my twins were 13 months old I fed them a PB&J sandwich. Baby B ended up taking his first ambulance ride, and we've been dealing with PA ever since.

Baby A - complete opposite of Baby B, and I've never been TOO concerned about his being allergic. Just to be safe I had his blood work ran during kindergarten, and then did a spt during the summer between kindergarten & first grade. Both turned out negative as I thought they would.

Since then I've allowed Baby A to eat "may contains" when Baby B isn't around, and even occasionally full out peanut products. The first time he & I were at Pizza Hut together (alone) and I let him get a scoop full of Reeses Pieces from one of those horrible vending machines - first time he'd ever gotten to get anything out of one of those. He ate them up and we enjoyed our pizza - no problems.

A few weeks later his father was out alone with him and let him eat a bag of peanut M&M's - still no problems.

But ever since - every time he has been allowed to eat anything with obvious peanut in it, it hasn't gone well. The first time was when I gave him a Butterfinger candy bar. The next think I knew - he was literally using a napkin to scrape it off his tongue - said it tasted awful and he couldn't stand it on his tongue.

The next time was with is father & he ate some more Reeses Pieces - same thing - was scraping it off his tongue.

Then last week we were all at Costco and he and his Dad were out of site from me & Baby B - so he had a sample. I walked up to him and he is digging his fingernails into his tongue trying to get the stuff off, and he was slobbering so much that the front of his shirt was wet. He was also complaining of this throat burning. So we ran him to the bathroom and washed his mouth out.

After talking to him about it several times, I believe him when he says that the only times he as actually swallowed any of it was the first two times when all went well. But ever since - he's spit it out before even getting any down him.

Needless to say - we aren't allowing any more peanut or "may contains" for him. And we are headed back down to Salt Lake City to see our Pediatric Food Allergist for more testing.

I have this sinking suspicion that his original tests came back negative because he hadn't ever had any peanut exposure since he was only 13 months old - now that we have allowed him to eat some of the nasty stuff, I'm thinking that they will come back as allergic. Apparently not as allergic as Michael is - at least not up to this point. But e-gads!

Now I look at the prospect of breaking a 7 year old into the world of epi-pens & Medic Alerts - lots harder than telling a 1 year old that he just has to live with it.

There is still a sliver of hope in me that he is just being dramatic, but my stomach doesn't think so - my stomach is telling me both of my kids are going to have to deal with this for the rest of their lives.

I may have to edit my signature [img][/img]

Are there many others on here that has more than one child allergic to peanut?

Oh - and my other piece of news - Baby B - the one that has always been PA - has always wanted a cat, but his blood work has told us that he is allergic to them. He's always played with other people's cats, and never had any problems. This week, he had a full blown allergic reaction to playing with a neighborhood cat [img][/img]

Not our week for allergy issues.

Mom to 7 year old twins Ben & Mike - one PA & the other not.
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