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Here we go again

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You all are probably tired of me. here I am with this great 14 yo boy who has NOT had a life threatening reaction to peanut. He skin tests 5+ to peanut. He RAST tests NEGATIVE (.05). The pedi said bring him in for food challenge (his symptoms are c/o tight chest, occasionally stomache). Also, if you put PB on his skin he does NOT like it and says it "burns." NO hives, no marks. NOW the peds office calls and says "sorry , no way can we do that food challenge here. You have to see an allergy specialist." Call the allergy specialist. You will have to have your tests faxed to us. We will probably have to do them over again depending on what method is used in their office. We keep going from one extreme to the other. First our doc is very nonchalant and says it might just be emotional response of my son, another pedi in the practice says "no chances, take epipen to scout camp" (which we did follow). Then they say we'll watch him after he eats PB, listen for wheezing , check his BP, etc. We have epi on hand, no problem. NOW now way, we can not do that he has to go to allergist. Talked to a PA clinic manager in the peds office. She in past two years says she is peanut (seriously) allergic. Never has had hives. Meanwhile the pedi always told me little chance of serious reaction if josh doesn't even get hives. So, here i sit. I have to drive to the peds office tomorrow and sign a paper so I can get their allergy test results faxed to the allergist office. Then I have to see what they say and want to do. I just want to know if he IS or IS NOT allergic to peanut. I just want a plan in hands if he is, and want him to stop being afraid if he isn't.....sorry for bugging ya'll I just need to vent....

On Jul 2, 2002

Wow. What an emotional rollercoaster you must be on! Sorry I don't have any words of wisdom for you. Just know you're not alone. Please keep us informed of what happens.