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Just spoke to the Company again after they had given me the okay. I looked at all their shampoos and noticed an almond ingredient so I called back. They have recently started adding a new ingredient - ALMONDS and sometimes it is only labeled as a number with letters...... They also share lines for everthing so even if one shampoo is safe it could be cross contaminated. I thought I had finally found a shampoo and conditioner. Back to the drawing boards!!! They are sending me a refund check since their staff had given me the wrong information.

On May 28, 2003

Hi Danielle

I just checked with Herbal Essences today, and the rep told me the same thing...almonds are present in almost all Herbal Essences products and are hidden under terms such as 'glycerin' and 'fragrance!' What shampoo do you currently use? I use Thermasilk Regular and Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner; Baby Spa Bubble Bath, Body Soap, and Shampoo; and I also started using the new Dove for fine colour treated hair. I always call the manufacturer before I try any new products.

On May 28, 2003

I use Vanicream shampoo and conditioner [url="http://www.psico.com"]www.psico.com[/url] 800 325 8232 We love their SPF 30 sunscreen and conditioner but the shampoo and conditioner leave a bit to be desired for adults. I also like their lotions, chapstick and cleansing wash. I still use Aveeno for my PA DD. They assured me that all their childrens products are safe. I am going to start a search for different shampoos and conditioners next week and will let everyone know if I find anything.