help with uneducated 504 coordinator


My son is in 5th grade, and I've been dealing with the frustrations of school dealing with his peanut allergy for 6 years now...nothing new, but just as tiring and frustrating nonetheless. Last year, a new socialogist took over the 504 position at our school. She told me Nat didn't need a 504 plan, so I firmly told her why he does, and that she must federally comply. So, she did it, but arranged the meeting when both I and my husband could not attend. This year, we demanded to be there. The school, handles lunch okay, and his teacher is very caring. Our biggest issues were 1. food is repeatedly used for science experiments (husband and I are both Chemistry majors, and never once used food for a science experiment), and 2. the PTA has special events, during school during which they give special treats to the kids. I asked, not that these be stopped, but that they both be under the watch and supervision of the administration and nurse so that ingredients are closely managed and communicated to me and other food-allergic families in the school. They actually had the nerve to tell me that they have no responsibility for PTA events, EVEN IF they are during school hours...anyone else have experience with this????

On Oct 20, 2008

Science experiments should not contain food when there are life-threatening allergies in the building. Did you try to contact the Science head or director for the district?

Second, if PTA is holding an event during the day and it involves food, you have every right to asked that to be changed as it in non-inclusive to your child. It is after all, Parent Teacher Association (I think that is the "A"), so if teachers are involved, how can they say they have no responsibility? It is happening during the school hours.

Keep showing them their responsibility to your child and what would happen should your child have a reaction. Best of luck.

On Oct 28, 2008

Sorry to hear, the ignorance of these so call educators just makes me very angry. DD is in 7th grade and every year we re-visit our 504. I have required that there are no nuts served by the school, or on the school grounds. My Dist is fully aware that I have every intention of not only holding the isd responsible but each and every person who signed the 504. This request has resulted in many ruffeled feathers along the way. This year alone it resulted in vending machines being removed form campus. All I asked for was no nut products in it but they chose to go the extra. I hate to say this but I know the only thing that has really worked is fear. They do not want me in their offices. Frankly they think it just easier to accomidate then the fight with me. I really do not care why they do it as long as DD is safe. You have EVERY right to demand the same. They are responsible from the drop off time to the pick up time. They are responsible for any action by any one on their campus. They clearly only need to be taught this. Good luck.....they are a hard bunch to teach.

On Nov 11, 2008

Thanks to both of you for your supportive comments. It has all been cleared up. I contacted the principal as well as the 504 coordinator for the district. The principal actually was completely on top of the PTA affair (she bought approved snacks that were safe for all the kids, 100% fruit juice pops)...I think the psychologist in charge of 504 for the school was completely unaware of the school's procedures, and chose to make things up at our meeting. Also, the district 504 coordinator was completely on board with my concerns, and scheduled a new meeting in which she participated, the principal also participated. It was all addressed and taken care of, and the psychologist has since made a complete turn around, acting very cordial and concerning, fake as it might be, but I think (hope) she has been educated for the future. We need to be advocates for our children, as frustrating as it may be at times.