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Hi there. I am a person who suffers from Celiac Disease, an intolerance to gluten. I am in the process of sending out surveys to people about going out to eat with the goal of increasing the knowledge of restaurant owners of our plight (and hopefully, they'll hire me to help them increase their knowledge).

If you wouldn't mind, below is the link to the online survey I have created with an introduction to who I am as well:


Thank you for your time and thoughts. Feel free to forward the link to anyone you know. Carla E. Provost, OTR/L Healthy Systems Consulting

On Jul 26, 2006

Carla, I'll be glad to answer this survey for my son, if that's OK with you.

The majority of people on this site are parents of children with food allergies (although there are several adults with FA's who participate as well). If you prefer that the person answer it themselves, please let us know.

Best of luck to you!


On Jul 27, 2006

Thank you, thank you, thank you for any and all responses, even if it is for a child. They need a voice and you are their advocate. Every survey will get us one step closer to better research support. Thank you again, Carla Provost Healthy Systems Consulting

On Jul 27, 2006

I've answered your survey, and have forwarded the link to a friend who's son has Celiac.

Good luck!


On Jul 27, 2006

Thank you again...your support is appreciated. Carla Provost, OTR/L Healthy Systems Consulting