Help with reactions


My son was in preschool and he got a drop of peanut butter on him. They gave him the benadrly and his reaction was, severly swelling eyes and his eyes teared terribly.The next morning my son woke up with a cough and now a runny nose with a slight fever. I was wondering if this could still be a reaction for the peanut butter.Has anybody had any reaction like this. He does asthma also.

On Jan 28, 2001

That sounds just like my son. I think the initial reaction happens within minutes and unless he keeps reacting (if he swallowed it) the worst is over also in a very short time. However the swelling and congestion can have residual effects for twelve to forty eight hours. But, you will never get every answer to everything. I would call it leftover peanut reaction due to the trauma and assault allergies are to these highly allergic kids. It also may have overlapped with teething. It could be ANYTHING! So scary I know. Good luck Gennie