Help with reaction!!!


My daughter, 4, (ana to PB)had a reaction to something yesterday. She came home from a new playgroup where she ate 1 supposedly "safe" rice krispie treat and swam in their kiddie pool with 10 other girls her age. We came home and her bottom itched... it was covered with hives. I gave her Benadryl then into the shower she went. I also rubbed Elocon on her bottom. The hives subsided somewhat. Then around 7pm she had a couple more on her leg. I thought now what did she get into? Nothing unusual. Gave her another bath then to bed. Later about midnight she began coughing, after checking her I was shocked to find her entire body neck down totally covered with hives, red raised patches, very itchy and irritating. She complained of cramps and then had diarrea. I gave her more Benadryl and went to the ER. They did not give EPI. She had no wheezing or swelling. They monitored her 30-45 minutes and sent us home. This AM the hives were mild but flared up again and came onto new place like her cheeks. I gave her generic for Atarax. Still no other ana symptoms like swelling. It's now 11pm,35 hours since the first breakout began. Her hives are now mild red dots. Diarrea continues. I am baffled as to what it could be. After calling the playgroup host she informed me that her 15 mos.old had gotten peanut butter on the rug and she thought she had wippped it all up. Since my daughter's hives started on her bottem does anyone think her whole reaction could have been from "sitting" on their carpet "possibly" contaminated by PB?! How far fetched is this? I am just sick over tyring to pin point what caused her reaction. I cannot think what else may have caused it. This can really take a toll on a very loving and extremely concerned Mommy. Does anyone have any insight?

On Jun 13, 1999

Hi Kitty,

So sorry to hear about what you are having to deal with. I know how trying it can be,having tto guess what caused the reaction. My two year old son has had a couple of mild reactions (hives and swelling around the eyes) after being outside in our yard. Though he did test mildly for dog allergies, I am just not sure that our dog caused both these reactions.

Hope your daughter is feeling better now.

On Jun 13, 1999

Since you said your daughter went into a kiddie pool. I was thinking she may have used sunscreen - could that be it?? has she ever had a pn reaction similar to this reaction? Let us know how she is doing. I wish you the best!

On Jun 13, 1999

Every reaction is frightening, especially when you know your child is anaphylactic to peanuts. However, thank God, she didn't have any breathing difficulties. Have you had her tested for any other allergens? We recently retested our 4yo via the RAST test for 30 other allergens common to children. He tested negative for everything except peanuts. Now might be a good time to have your daughter retested for other allergens, if you have not yet done so. It does seem far-fetched to think she could have reacted through her clothing to peanut butter on the carpet. But you never know. Some children are extremely sensitive to skin contact with the peanut protein.


On Jun 13, 1999

Thanks for all the nice responses. I think she did sit on the carpet with a bare bottom while she was changing from her wet suit.... I also wondered about the sunscreen. I used the BBoat for Babies but I wondered what the other kids might have had on? Her reaction remains a mystery. It's been 2 full days now and her hives are gone. They flared up yesterday AM but after the Atarax and by the evening had not returen and no flare ups today. However she has had diarrea now for 48 hours and cramps. Now I'm not sure if it's due to the reaction or viral?! Since we live out in the desert and have just moved here I don't even have an Allergist to discuss the episode with. I'd like to know what an Allergist thought based on her symptoms whether she ingested the offender or was through contact. I've certainly been on pins a needles.

On Jun 16, 1999

Well, I am no expert but certainly a combination of hives with diarrhea and cramps would be a considered an anaphylactic reaction (two systems are involved). Since your daughter does have a known peanut allergy, does it not seem likely that the peanut butter caused this? If she was getting changed, maybe she put her hand down on the rug, touched her mouth later on and then there was some ingestion. Or maybe she is just having an anaphylactic reaction to touch - it certainly happens to other people!

The good thing is that the reactio nhas settled down. Maybe someone knows of an allergist you can consult via e-mail or the web since there is none in your area.

On Jun 16, 1999

Try [url=""][/url] for accessing a doctor. I haven't used this service myself, but heard about it from someone who did for another medical condition. Best of Luck!

On Jun 17, 1999

Well, I have discussed the episode with my Father who is a research Physiologist. He accessed many articles about "contact urticari syndrome" and that highly allergic individuals can easily absorb peanut from skin only contact. I now am almost sure she came into contact with peanut butter. We are officially off the "playgroup" curcuit and are staying closer to home. Since we have just moved here 3 weeks ago it'll be harder to meet new and careful friends but better to be safe than sorry. I have been feeling sick with worry since we arrived. For anyone who is interested in the articles I referenced the following web site is very informative regarding sceintific reserch of peanut allergy. I'm not sure if one can order the articles mentioned as I've only received them from my Father. Give it a try.. [url=""][/url] Thanks again for the responses!

On Jun 26, 1999

My daughter can and has reacted from peanut butter that came into contact with her body. At school, she will not sit beside someone who is eating a known peanut product and she is NOT allowed to wash down the tables in the cafeteria after lunch. She can have other duties. (She needs to learn responsibility but washing the table is a no-no!) The teachers are very aware of the allergy and we work together through the year.

------------------ Tammy Lynn

On Jun 26, 1999

I'm sure at this point that she had skin contact with a minute (invisable) amount of PB and I am still shocked by how seriously her body reacted... I can't imagine her going off to school being so sensative. How old is your daughter Tammy Lynn? How many times has she reacted from touch only? And how severe have her reactions been? Have you ever used the Epi-pen? What a challenge avoidance is, especially as she is growing older and around more kids! I have a difficult time not being neurotic.

On Jul 6, 1999

My oldest son had a reaction from contact with unshelled peanuts in a math class counting exercise in first grade. His teacher called me to get him because he was breaking out in hives on his hands and fingers. My youngest son starts half day kdg this fall and has the same allergy. The school's plan is for the ENTIRE a.m. kdg class to wash hands as soon as they walk in the door the eliminate the possible of a reaction from contact in my son. Also, I have decided to provide snacks for the entire class for the whole year. It may seem like a burden, but to me it is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Any other suggestions on how to eliminate reactions in the school setting?