Help with RAST results?


Emmy's RAST test for peanuts was 9.26 (high level) and 1271 (very high level). I don't quite understand these results so if anyone has any insight I would love to know. I also don't understand the two different numbers. The nurse I talked to on the phone seemed almost as clueless as myself. I wonder if this is considered high compared to other peanut allergy sufferers, or not? They also were supposed to test her for walnuts. Instead they accidentally tested her for walnut pollen. The nurse had wrote down the wrong test code. It came back negative, but all that means is walnut pollen won't bother her, we still don't know about actual walnuts. Kinda irritating since I already knew she was allergic to peanuts and was mainly doing the RAST to find out if she was allergic to tree nuts. I was under the assumption if the walnut came back positive it would mean she would most likely be allergic to all tree nuts. Does that sound correct? It was not fun taking a toddler to get blood drawn, although she did quite well. I don't know if I want to rush back for more blood this soon, though. They also tested her for her susceptibility towards allergies? I'm very confused on this one, but it came back high, especially for environmental allergies. Thanks! Shan [img][/img]

On Jun 2, 2000

I am not a medical person but can share my experience. My son's RAST was 18.5, and then a much larger number (in the thousands) which was a percentage. Dr. said 18.5 is at the low end of "very high". I don't know what the percentage number means but perhaps that is your other number. On the skin tests, he tested allergic to walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts, but not allergic to pecans. So with this small population of 1 (!) it looks possible to be allergic to some but not all tree nuts. HOWEVER, to make it easier for all of us (especially my child as he has to deal with this) we stay away from ALL NUTS!

Good luck!


On Jun 2, 2000

I am allergic to walnuts, but okay with others..walnuts give me the hives around my mouth, and itchy throat etc.

On Jun 3, 2000

If you test positive to even one tree nut Fan recommends you avoid all tree nuts due to issues of cross contamination. Many of the nuts are all processed together and as we all know labeling laws are not the greatest ( support the FDA petition).