Help with food list to give to relatives?

Posted on: Mon, 06/21/1999 - 2:08pm
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Hi everyone. I'm working on a list of things to watch out for to give to relatives for our dd. It seems the list just keeps on growing. I've got the FAN list, but since I've been reading up, it seems there are so many other items that need to be watched out for. I noticed a message on the post "words to watch out for on labels etc." by Saz that listed some items that I just can't seem to locate on anything I pull up on the computer. Can someone help? They are:

*paraline (Should this have been praline, like the candy or is this an ingredient?)
*lectithin (Should this have been lecithin and if so it seems my dd has had soy lecithin fine, does this just mean an unspecified lecithin? Is there such a thing?)
*pinder (Is this slang for peanuts? I can't find this anywhere, but someone told me it was.)
*additives E471 & E472 (This is something new to me! Where does this show up at?)

I pulled up peanut yesterday in a food dictionary and there were a ton of other words that means peanut that I haven't seen anywhere! They were: earth chestnut, earthnut, hawknut, monkey nut, and pignut (also goober peas which Saz had also listed)!

Also, does anyone know anything about sate sauce? I saw this on another site about peanuts. I've got an appointment with a nutricianist (I know I spelled that wrong! LOL) in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping she will know of some more things...Thanks and I hope you are having a good day! Shan

Posted on: Mon, 06/21/1999 - 6:42pm
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I think praline is made from almonds and, yes, satay sauce does contain peanuts.

Posted on: Tue, 06/22/1999 - 4:21am
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When giving "lists" to relatives or daycare providers and the like, my experience has shown that it is better to give a list of safe foods versus a list of unsafe foods. I think the list of unsafe foods can be infinite. The care providers may come upon something they want to feed your child and if it is not on your list they will feed it and it could be wrong. Often times, no-no lists get so big they are quite overwhelming for people. Send them all a list of safe foods to purchase and that way, when your child is there they will always have some safe foods for him/her.

Posted on: Wed, 06/23/1999 - 5:12am
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I agree with Christine. Whenever we leave Brady (hardly ever!)we set out snacks and drinks and say "She cannot have anything else besides these foods!". I think it is much easier to do from that standpoint and you will feel comfortable knowing what she is eating off the "safe" list as opposed to someone "taking the chance" of feeding her something that they aren't sure of. Tammy

Posted on: Tue, 06/29/1999 - 9:14am
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I lived in New Orleans for a number of years, which is very famous for their pralines, and they are always made from pecans ( at least all the ones that I have eaten.)

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/1999 - 12:11pm
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Although knowing words that are a tip off for peanuts, I tend to avoid having lists of either "OK" foods or "not-OK" foods (by specific brand names) because things just change soooo fast. What's on your OK list today may be labelled "may contain peanut traces" tomorrow. I find this more and more as companies become more educated about peanut allergy. I find that emphasizing reading labels each and every time a food is bought in a store or eaten away from home is more comfortable for me. Nancy

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