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Our school just went pf this week and the principal would like to put a little allergy fact with each monthly news letter. I just wondered if anyone could recommend a book or website that has little facts and figures about allergies (not necessarily just pa). She said she found a statistic that between something like 1987 and 1991 there were 8 deaths in Canada directly related to pa. I'm not sure where she got this but I'd like to make sure the info is up to date. Thanks! Laureen BTW, we are also having an allergy info session in a couple of weeks and someone from the asthma and allergy clinic is coming. So hopefully a lot of parents will come!

On Feb 26, 2003

FAAN's website ([url][/url]) has lots of info, as well as a "Daily Tip" section. Also [url=""][/url] has info.

Sounds like an interesting idea for a newsletter.

On Feb 26, 2003

Hi Laureen

I you go to Health Canada at:


and do a search for allergies you will find lots of publications on different topics.

You could also look at the Canadian Institute for Health Information,

[url=""][/url] which has reports on the status of health in Canada.

good luck


On Feb 26, 2003

Here's an excellent site for information: Calgary Allergy Network


On Feb 26, 2003

Congrats on the school going peanut free!!! I was thinking of the FAAN daily tips, too. [img][/img] Miriam