help! mysterious reaction


Obligated to go to a 2 yr olds birthday party today. My girls are 7 PA and 12, but the 2 yr old is daughter of my best bud from Jr. High [img][/img] Love my bud, but she is not exactly "susie Homemaker" so I brought snacks and drinks and even an extra cake. She had mentioned she thought she needed more. Things seemed to be going smoothly, beautiful weather so we even got to go outside and avoid dangers at the table. Just about ready to leave and R comes to me crying and holding her arm out to me. I expected a scratch, but she had 5 small hives on her forearm???????? Perhaps a reaction to some shrubbery??????? I gave her an antihistimine and she slept on the way home. Swelling went down, but then she is complaining of belly ache, which is usually her start of anaphylaxis. I'm keeping my eye on her, but would appreciate any thoughts from this crowd. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Arlene

On Jan 27, 2002

It is always hard to tell if it is a reaction or not. It is also hard to tell if the stomach ache is from nerves or from a reaction. If I were you I would call my allergist and run it past him or her. Always err on the side of caution. Good luck and I hope it turns out to be nothing.

On Jan 28, 2002


How is she?


On Jan 28, 2002

Seems to have gone down. Looks like the antihistimines did the trick.

Science teacher at work who is TNA, suggested it might have been Cedar shrubs. They aren't soft like pine needles. Cedar is hard and injects it's poison. That would account for the mosquito like spots and the arm pain.

I sent an e-mail to my friends, and he is a science teacher as well, so I am sure he will know what kind of shrub it is. If it was someone asking me, I would tell them a GREEN one [img][/img]

Thanks for asking, Arlene