HELP! My child is not just a peanut allergy!!!

Posted on: Thu, 09/12/2002 - 10:53pm
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pWe started preschool. It is going as great as can be expected, and even better, from the PA pespective. They decided to go peanut/nut free, as they have 2 more PA kids, and several with other food allergies./p
pMy dd is 2, turning 3 next week. This is the first time she has done anything regular without me, and she is my only child. I am new to this, and actually totally cool about leaving her there with this school. I do not have parent jitters!! /p
pI am a little hurt however, that so much attention has been focused on the allergy policies, and me being sought out every time I have been in to weigh my opinion of a product. This is great-don't get me wrong! But... I would like to hear how my little girl is doing. Is she trying the potty? Is she getting along? Is she speaking up? She can be a loner if feeling shy. I notice other parents getting a little sentence here or there about that, but I just feel like I am brushed off, maybe because I got so much time from them at the outset for the allergy stuff. I realize it may just be because my dd is quiet, doing just fine and there is little to say as well, and I am paranoid! They are delivering 12 kids, and cannot give a big report on all, and perhaps are just flagging the parents of upset children or those having trouble sharing, etc... Maybe I am thinking too much about it. I did see the teacher holding her alot the first day, trying to involve her, but then never got a report as to why she needed that. Maybe the teacher(who is really serious about the allergy) was just trying to get to know her and observe her so as to recognize if she were not well. It did not seen like she was upset at the time. /p
pI just want to be sure they get past all this new policy, which they are trying really hard to implement, and remember my dd is still just a toddler doing her first school! Funny, my dd has little to say, but is definately happy after school, and had fun. Anybody else get this feeling at an time? becca/p
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Posted on: Fri, 09/13/2002 - 9:28am
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Becca, I can relate. There was a point when I was thinking that I would love to go into a parent conference and talk about academics instead of allergies! It has gotten better, though. I would start by asking about your dd when you pick her up. If they focus on the allergy stuff, ask specifics about how she is participating, socializing, etc. They should take the cue from you. If they persist, then I would be direct and tell them, just as you said here, that she is more than just an allergy!

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