help i think my 7 month old baby has a peanut allergy

Posted on: Sat, 01/10/2004 - 9:09am
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i am new here but i need someones advice. my 7 month old baby got a severe hives reaction after being held by a person eatting peanuts. then the next day got hives on her arm after i touched her arm after making here sister a peanut butter sandwich. she was on soy formual but after reading about peanut allergies and the relationship with soy proteins i swiched her to cows milk formula(she has only had one bottle of cows milk formula so i don't know how she will do on that yet) i am really worried i can't get in to get her allergy tested until April. anyon have any advice?

Posted on: Sat, 01/10/2004 - 9:27am
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I think you know already to keep her away from nuts, it would be prudent to take care when introducing new foods, Eg egg, at least until you can get to your appointment in april.
Why was your daughter on soya milk?
just wondering!

Posted on: Sat, 01/10/2004 - 9:33am
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thanks for your reply. i breast fed her until she was 5 months old. while breast feeding she got green frothy explosive stools. she also got colicky after i ate ice cream. i was advised by a dietian to stop breast feeding and to put her on soy formula. which she has been doing really well on. do you have a child with peanut allergy? i am so worried i caused her to be allergic from being on soy formula.

Posted on: Sat, 01/10/2004 - 10:42am
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Lot's of children are on soy formula and do not develop allergies.
I am an adult with peanut allergy. I did not always have this allergy, and I ate peanuts during my first two pregnancies, and while I was breast feeding, and neither of those kids has peanut allergy.

Posted on: Sun, 01/11/2004 - 1:04am
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I have two PA children, one in which I ate pb during pregnancy and the short time I nursed her (did not know a thing about PA at the time). The other child we had been peanut and nut free, and she still is PA. I understand the feelings of guilt, but please don't blame yourself. You were doing the best you can and now that you know about PA, just avoid all nuts and peanuts with your baby. I am surprised that they told you to stop nursing, instead of eliminating allergens in your diet. One of my children was mostly formula fed and the other at two is still being nursed, and they both have multi-food, environmental and pet allergies, so it is just what happens and no one is to blame. Best of luck and you will find a lot of useful information here.

Posted on: Sun, 01/11/2004 - 1:43pm
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First I'd like to say welcome. I'm sorry that you are having a tough time trying to figure some things out. I hope that this web site will help you with many questions that you may have. I truly hope that it is not an allergy to peanuts. I ditto what the others have already said--you did not cause your baby to have the reaction. Don't beat yourself up over this.
A couple of things. I don't understand why a dietician would have told you to stop breastfeeding. What did your child's pediatrician say about that? If she got "colicky" after you ate ice cream, perhaps she is reacting to "milk"? Did they advise you to stop your milk intake? or to at least cut way back?
Another thing, and I'm not 100% positive on this, but I believe that having your baby allergy tested at such a young age will not give you accurate test results. Not to mention but if they are recommending a skin prick test, if it were me I would not do it. As the recommedation is not to give children peanut butter or nut products until they are after the age of 3--except now I think I read somewhere that they are recommending after the age of 5. If you do a skin test, your baby will be getting a small liquid injection of an actual peanut product.
I hope this helps. [img][/img]
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Posted on: Sun, 01/11/2004 - 4:01pm
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thank you for your input. it is so good to talk to people about this. i think a lot of people think i am over reacting.
i live in a small outback town in Australia. medical care is not up to scratch. i went to the doctors many times because i knew something was not right. this is my second child and there has been many symptoms of a food allergy right from the start. like i said before about her stools, she also gets very wheezy, has a runny nose and watery eyes. she gets blistering nappy rash, and eczema. i knew it was food related because sometimes depending on what i ate she would be fine. and then something would react with her and she would be a different baby. i tried to figure out what it was that i was eatting i thought i had it was related to the milk products. so i went to a dietian with this information. i was planning on putting Hannah on formula anyway as i am going to be returning to work. that is when she suggested the soy formula. she was doing much better on that(most of the time). although there would still be some reactions i assumed from the solids that she is know eatting.
anyway she has been on cows milk formula now for 2 days and has had no bad reaction. so that is good but i now i feel quilty thinking she never had to be on soy formula to begin with. i know everyone says not to beat myself up about it and i appreciate it but it is very hard not too. i am sure many of you feel the same.
so you suggest not getting her allergy tested yet. what about skin contact. what if her skin comes in contact with peanuts at daycare. is this a serious problem with skin contact or is it just eatting it. how do i know how allergic she is or if that is even what it was?

Posted on: Sun, 01/11/2004 - 8:25pm
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First of all don't think you caused it if she is allergic! My son is 17 and been allergic since 9months old. I only could eat Peanut butter when i was pregnant. I ate it for every single meal. It does sound as if your baby is allergic though. Find out if you can get a blood test on the baby and then maybe you could at least get the answers you need for right now.I would think the Dr. would do a blood test. I know if it was my child I would be getting the baby tested just to have written documents and the proper medications on hand.
Best of luck to you Claire

Posted on: Mon, 01/12/2004 - 3:20am
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duncsan; I agree with the others who say do not beat yourself up!!! I actually think the dietician gave you good information to try soy formula; especially since you felt that your baby may have been reacting to dairy in your diet when you were b'feeding. My dd had soy formula starting at 14 months (I b'fed for a long time!) because she was allergic to dairy. She switched to soy milk when she was about 3 years old, and has been drinking it ever since. (She is now 9 years old.) You know what? I actually don't think that has anything to do with her being pa. Even if it did - what choice did I have? She was clearly allergic to milk and did not show any allergy to soy.
IMHO, peanut allergy is on the rise and there is not a whole heck of a lot each of us can do, individually, to make a difference. I think the best things we can do (but it generally only happens to those of us in hindsight; once we already have a kid with pa) are to avoid peanuts while pregnant and b'feeding, and to delay the introduction of peanuts to our kids until they are 3 years old or even 5 years old.
I think you've gotten really good advice about being super careful aobut what you feed your baby from now on. If I were you, I would honestly not worry too much about testing. You already know that your baby has reacted to peanuts. I would test her when she is older (3 - 5 years) to see if she has outgrown it. Otherwise I would proceed as though you know she is allergic. Ask your doctor for an epi-pen junior. He/she should give you one just based on what you have already observed; I would think. Although I don't know how the medical system in Australia operates.
Best of luck to you. Stick with us, here, and you will have a lot of support and get answers to all your questions.
[img][/img] Miriam

Posted on: Mon, 01/12/2004 - 3:41am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Quote:Originally posted by e-mom:
[b]As the recommedation is not to give children peanut butter or nut products until they are after the age of 3--except now I think I read somewhere that they are recommending after the age of 5. [/b]
What I recall reading is not to give peanut/nut products until after the age of 3 -- except when there is a family member with peanut/nut allergy they recommend waiting until after the age of 5.

Posted on: Mon, 01/12/2004 - 8:38am
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Ahhhh this is your 2nd child!! Makes a little more sense to me now.
If you have already been experiencing food allergies, then I would definitely have a blood test done but I would still wait until your baby is little older. In my opinion, if there was already a reaction with peanuts, then I consider that an allergy. I would treat it the same regardless of an allergy test being done or not. If there has been a reaction, then there is an allergy--plain and simple.
Please don't beat yourself up over this. There are many, many women who did not eat peanuts during pregnancy or give their child peanuts/nuts until much later in life and they still had an allergy to peanuts.
Take care and be safe.
AnnaMarie, thanks I knew there was something about that!!

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