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HELP! How do you keep the Epipen cool in the heat?

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We are leaving for Florida where we will be spending hours outside in the heat. (Doesnt sound too bad, now does it?) It does present a challenge though: how do we keep the Epi-pen at a cool temperature? I checked out the FAAN site but they have carrying cases only- which we have already. I don't want to use an icepack because that will make the pens too cold. Suggestions?

On Mar 18, 2003

I thought I read somewhere that one possible way to protect the pens from the heat was to wrap them some sort of a small towel and put them in a thermal bag on the opposite side of the icepack.

On Mar 24, 2003

That's exactly what we did last summer at the beach!


On Mar 24, 2003

We have also used a blue ice insert which is NOT chilled as an additional heat sink in an insulated container- this works for a few hours to keep them at room temperature.

You might also try to search on this topic in Living with PA. It seems to come up every vacation season. [img][/img]

Just last night I got a new catalog from a company called One Step Ahead (they make baby and toddler products for the yuppy set) and they have multicompartment cooler bags for pretty reasonable prices. I saw them and thought this might be just what those in warmer climates could use. They even have one that is specifically a "beach" model with a mesh drawstring bag on top, and underneath a small zippered vinyl "snack" compartment (looks ideal for epipens), and below that a "cooler" compartment. They have a website, too.

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On Apr 17, 2003

I live in Central Florida and carry Epi-pens around with me all the time. We have gone to Disney for hours and just kept it in the backpack (which I highly recommend for theme parks). I think the heat to be worried about is the intense heat found in a closed up car or trunk. When you are outside, the highest it is going to get is 80 or 90. And 90 is rare. REALLY. It's the humidity that makes it feel so much hotter.

Check with the company as to the maximum temperature. I just refilled my Epi-pens. I had them over a year. They are all still clear and in good condition despite being outside on a daily basis. I read the package insert on the renewal and I am pretty sure it actually specified keeping it from extremes of temperature like a glove compartment.


By Kim Fonti on Jul 5, 2012


I am new to this site. I have a 5yo with a peanut allergy. We live in the Chicago area and we are having extreme heat. Wondering if anyone has ideas on keeping the epi pen cool during these extreme days.

I did try the insulated lunch box with a cooling pack the other day at the pool. It was 98 out. It seemed to work but I was wondering if there were other ideas.

Thanks so much Kim

By jrn on Jul 9, 2012

We just published an article on this very subject: