HELP determining allergic reaction and to what?


Okay, guys...I'm feeling a little frustrated at this whole "MFA thing"...son was diagnosed with MFA 2 months ago..he's 13 mo.'s now! His Rast tests showed allergy to egg/peanut/wheat/dairy/rye/soy/banana... Up til now, I've had a HARD time introducing new foods(trying to get SOMETHING new he can eat) because his typical reactions to food are a red rash around mouth, eczema on hands gets worse and itchy and he usually gets diaper rash. With dairy he also gets VERY constipated...

This being said, I'm at a point today where I don't know WHAT the heck he's reacting to, but I know it's got to be "something"...he almost ALWAYS has a red itchy spot above his lip, but today, he's rubbing that like crazy, and he had a diaper rash this morning..I've been on hold NOT introducing new foods, waiting for symptoms to CALM/diaper rash to he's not had ANY new foods in DAYS, other than chicken breast i just boiled? Could he be allergic to chicken breast? Has been eating chicken fine up until now...?

They say to wait a week or so before introducing another food, to let things calm down, etc. or that it may take a few days to start reacting? So, in our case, I feel like he'll be 18 before I finally figure out all the foods he's going to react to, cause I just feel like he's one big walking allergic reaction ALL the time? [img][/img] Is it just me? I feel like I don't know what the H*LL I'm doing! Do I give Benedryl EVERY time I think he's reacting to a food(just with rash) and then if it does NOT go away, he's not having an allergic reaction? I"m just rambling, I know, but this is just so confusing and overwhelming for someone that has NOOOO experience with allergies to begin with and to have someone soooo young who can't tell you what they're feeling.. [img][/img] Someone make me "sane" again.. [img][/img] PLEASE!

On Mar 1, 2007

I'll take a stab at this. Prepare yourself.

We've all BTDT. Listen...


Got that? If not, read again.

Focus: your child is 13 mths old. They do NOT need a variety of foods. That's for YOU.

Your child can live on the same old same old for a LONG while (as long as the same old same old contains the nutrients, etc..)

Follow the routine of 1 new food at a time, yes.

If flares, stop immediately, and wait til flares go away.

If you do not do this, how will you KNOW if the food challenge is a pass or fail. You won't. Therefore, follow the system.

It works.

Your child will NOT be eatting baby food at 18 years old. None of our kids will.

Listen now. Caitlins diet is limited, but shes growing. Good enough for me.

Meghan, at age 15 mths, was on Alimentum RTF . By choice. HATED solids... HATED.. would throw them on the ground. HATED.


It gets easier. The beginning of the FA journey is tough. YES. It is. It gets easier... just bear with us. We what we're talking about. (except one member who has a Ministry tattoo on her.. never mind) [img][/img]

ANYHOW. The point is to breathe. Really. Keep it simple. One ingredient foods.

Whats your boys diet now, I mean.. baseline... Whats 'safe'. Whats the formula? (dairy/soy are out... alimentum RTF?)

Hopefully hes not on rice milk alone, given the other dietary constraints...

More info is needed, but you've taken the first step, sort of -- acceptance. It's a big one...

And where do you live? Do you have a board certified allergist that you 'trust' and 'like'?


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On Mar 1, 2007

no, have NOT found a board certified allergist that i like or trust...i'm in the kansas city area and have an appt. at the end of this month with children's mercy hospital allergist(supposed to be some of THE BEST) but had DS' pediatrician that specializes in allergies do the rast testing initially... he didn't say much about the food allergies at fact, told me to have a rotating diet of wheat, cause it was only a class 3 on the rast? told me NOT to avoid dairy at all cause it was only a "mild" allergy (class 2)...did NOT immediately prescribe an epi at a class 4 peanut and class 5 egg allergy?! so NOOO, i'm not comfortable with his answers, or his lack of help...

but, i've learned ALOT from this website and others...

DS is currently still on Alimentum RTF..has been the ONLY formula he could drink since about 3 mo. old...he eats pears,peaches,applesauce, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and beef and turkey and chicken... doesn't like rice and seems to react to oat cereals(i'm thinking wheat contamination)so, for grains, he's just getting Kix cereal right now, he hates the texture of rice... so i know he's getting his nutrients, i guess i'm just in a hurry to try and figure out what foods to avoid, probably more for "myself" and for others, especially MIL who wants to feed him anything and everything now that he's eating solid foods..i'm sure we've ALL BTDT!!! with the MIL's, I mean!

I guess I was just a little confused on how everyone else knows their kids are allergic to soooo many foods, when they're sooo young? Is it all just from skin or blood tests? I just didn't think there could possibly be enough time to have eliminated all those foods with challenges at such an early stage, being that it seems to take me a month or longer to eliminate one food with DS' many reactions(both food and environmental) Maybe I'm just having a VERY frustrating day, and I just look at my dear, sweet little guy and see him suffer and scratch and scream at me when I change his diaper, and I just want it ALL to go away! Thanks for the tips and for assuring me it DOES get better and I'm NOT alone!

What about my benedryl question? Does everyone give benedryl after a reaction to see if symptoms lessen?