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Help!! Daughter\'s IgE is over 100.

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My 6 year old daughter's blood test showed IgE level of 100 plus. The allergist says this is SEVERE and very serious. What does this number mean and does this mean I need to be a nervous wreck (as I am now) all the time? SO much is going through my mind now. Can the test result be flawed? Does anyone have a child with high IgE number but has done ok? Should I consider home schooling my child as school seems to pose the greatest danger. will the nurse be able to get to her quickly enough if she has a reaction? What am I suppose to do? Help. please.........

On Jul 11, 2006

Well, I think you should probably try to relax a little bit. Just a little, mind you. [img][/img]

Look at it this way-- my daughter who is 7 also has a RAST >100. She is contact and aerosol sensitive and has been since she was at most 3 yo.

How do I know? Because she broke out in hives sitting 10-15 ft away from the source inside a grocery store one day. If you have one of these kids, trust me-- you'll know.

The fact that your daughter's only reaction was relatively mild argues that she probably isn't that sensitive (yet)... and the fact that you are only now learning of her allergy also bodes pretty well.

My daughter's first pn exposure at 11 mo just about killed her in less than ten minutes.

Something else to consider is that RAST levels can be elevated for some time after a reaction-- this may explain the very high result. Or, as you suggested, it might be in error. (But even so, she is most certainly really allergic with that kind of result.)

Anyway-- it just takes time to adjust.

Has your daughter had trouble in school? Is she asthmatic? It is tempting to consider homeschooling, I know-- but it certainly isn't right for everyone. And it might not really be necessary if she isn't contact and aerosol sensitive. Even some of those kids attend school.

Anyway-- just wanted to tell you that you're doing just fine. A little panic is normal-- so long as you don't give in to it. [img][/img]

On Jul 11, 2006

Take it with a grain of salt.

Jason had false positives that were >100 KuL (things other than peanuts). For his first couple of RAST tests, his scores were >100 KuL, but for the most recent, he was class 4.

On Jul 12, 2006

When my DD was diagnoise at age 5, her allergist told me her numbers were the highest she had ever seen in children and adults. I freaked out.

Two years later and much more informed I can more comfortably tell you, yes, my daughter is allergic to peanuts. Yes, it is life threatening. That is the bottom line. The rest is just a number and irrelevent in how we chose to live our lives.

------------------ Keep Smiling DD - allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and egg

On Jul 12, 2006

My DD is about to turn 8 and her numbers have been >100 since she had her first reaction on a USAIR flight at 18 months old.

Now, almost 7 years later we have found our comfort zone, we eat the familiar things and at familiar restaraunts, she takes 3 hours of dance class a week, and is a NORMAL HAPPY little girl with a very severe peanut/nut allergy.

We DID have to make some really strict accomodations at school though because she is SO contact sensitive. But she has been, knock on wood, safe.

I REMEMBER how overwhelming, scared, and frightening it is when you first find out how allergic your child is. Take it ONE day at a time, read all you can (especially on this site-there are amazing people here who have wonderful information to share).

Take care and know that you have a great support team here!! [img][/img] We all know how you are feeling and reading your post brings all those feeling back.

Shandra (mom to Madeline-almost 8 pn/tn/soy and Grant- 4 no allergies)

On Jul 12, 2006

It'll be OK - with time and understanding PA.

The last time our son was tested, the lab didn't put a number on his report - they said it was useless to number THAT high.

The time before, his number was near 49,000.

The more you learn about PA, the more empowered you will feel. The more empowered you feel, the less scared you will be. Good luck, and stick around this site - it's the best. [img][/img]

On Jul 12, 2006

DS's RAST when he was about 3 was almost 300. At 7, his RAST is still positive, but only 3.74. Positive is still positive, but the lower number sure sounds better.

On Jul 12, 2006

my doctor does not allow me or his patients to get wrapped up in the numbers. Neither test (RAST or SPT) are 100 percent accurate. In fact, they many times contradict one another. We witnessed our son having a severe ana. reaction at age 4. We know he is allergic to peanuts based on this reaction. his prior life experiences show that he has some less severe contact reactions, no airborne reactions. The RAST number, as I understand does not indicate true severity. My son's RAST showed nearly zero a year after his very severe reaction, but his skin test showed a large wheal. I would focus on making a plan to keep your child safe, establish a comfort zone, educate your child & family and proceed.

On Jul 12, 2006

Thank You so much for your replies. I didn't sleep one wink last night worrying about my daughter's condition.... but I do feel more better having read your replies. THanks again

On Jul 12, 2006

My son's IgE was 200. The pediatrician was alarmed but the allergist said that was nothing. He said he sees kids all the time with IgE in the 600 range. My son's only reactions so far have been eczema.

On Jul 12, 2006

My DS is also well over a 100. We have known he is PA for almost 3 years. Fortunately, we found out about his allergy before he had ever been exposed. When I found out his cap rast results I couldn't sleep at night. The allergist reminded me that the cap rast predicts whether someone will react not necessarily the severity of the reaction. My DS is almost 4 and has not had any accidental exposure to Peanuts. He goes to a typical preschool with some special accomodations. Although, he has never had a reaction we treat him as though he has a life threatening allergy.

On Jul 12, 2006

Hi scaredtodeath, its normal to worry, and I wish I could tell you the worry is over, but you know parents just do that, don't they. Keep your head and stay close to caring folks like these. My eldest had her first reaction about 8 years ago, and my youngest has just been prescribed her first injector, (oh well). (I'm here looking for tips on new cases for hers) Here's my best tip after 8 or so years. You (if you are the primary carer) MUST stay calm, even in those times you don't want to. Especially when speaking with your child, friends and family. You don't want to be accused of over-reacting. People don't pay attention to those types for too long. (we know we are justified in our over-reaction though, don't we). I have found this helps us work with the people we need to. (schools, parents, food servers etc).

Finally, if helpful, I used to train in stress relief, and if it's allowed, would recommend a small book with tips and tools for anyone under pressure. [url=""][/url] About US$13, and called 'Transforming Anxiety'. Or you can look for 'Transforming Stress', or 'Transforming Anger'. All are practical and backed by scientific research, not theory. I hope that's helpful. Stay well.

------------------ Cheers, DT Sydney, Australia

On Jul 13, 2006

My son's latest CAP RAST came back with >100 also but he has never had a reaction. He is now 7 and we've known about his PA and EA since he was 2.

On Jul 20, 2006

Eventually, you'll get comfy:

Caitlin RAST positive to everything we tested her for, including SOME that are >100.

Her total IgE was over 4,000.

I didnt even blink.

This was age 6 scores. Her 5 yr scores were pretty much the same.


------------------ [b]* Obsessed * [/b]