Hello! Son just diagnosed PA at 15 months :-(

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Hello, My son just got diagnosed yesterday. He is 15 months old. I am glad to have found this forum. I am sure I will be lurking with questions, this will all be a learning experience for me since I know nothing about this. I have a 6 yr old daughter with no allergies whatsoever. I can side with both the parents of children w/o allergies and those with them. I never gave it a second thought until now. You go to soccer games and they hand out treats, etc. Now it's a whole new thing. I have so many questions. I hope to make some "forum friends" here!

By jennifersargent on Feb 9, 2011

I am in your boat. Three older children. Oldest outgrew a egg allergy but was never severe. Nothing with the middle children.

Was your son tested yet? Thay reacted to peanuts but we found out at testing -egg, soy were there with three additional slight reactions.

It is going to be hard at first. My older kids missed some of their favorite foods for a while. So many things touched by peanut! At least most are labeling better now.

Good luck! Plan on a lot of reading. Go to the library.. Quite a few books that helped me..

My older kids four and eight are awesome. They tell people and educate folks! They protect him in public. Ask people to not touch Thay politely and explain he is allergic to peanut. Haven't had a second reaction but I am super careful.

By cervonil on Feb 9, 2011

I'm sorry you are dealing with this too! Hopefully you will find a lot of support. It is challenging. I feel like the more info I have the better so I read everything!

By mcgee on Feb 9, 2011

thanks, yes he was given a skin prick test. I am glad your older kids are there to help and to offer reinforcement in public. What a great help!!

By chelle.tovar on Feb 10, 2011

My daughter has PA too. She is almost 4 and we have only had to use her EpiPen once. I love this website and I know you will too! Checking labels will become such a habit that you won't even notice when you do it anymore!