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Hello Rach!

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Hi Rach, A while ago you offered to translate a chef card into French for me. May I take you up on it? The info is in my thread 'Help, Adult travelling in France with PA', in the travel forum. Any chance you could do this for me?

Thanks so much, Adele

On Mar 25, 2006

Raising in hopes that Rach will see it.

On Mar 25, 2006

Adele, if you go to Dictionary.com there is a translation feature there. You type in what you want translated and indicate the language and they give it back to you in French or whatever.

It might be a bit wonky but it gets the point across. That's how our son traveled in Europe, we made our own cards for restaurants and getting help.


On Mar 26, 2006

Hi Peg, Thanks for the information. I've already gone to Dictionary.com for a basic translation but it's pretty rough. I was hoping Rach could clean it up a bit for me. Thanks, Adele

On Mar 26, 2006

Hey sorry I just got back from Finland this morning, feel free to e mail me, it's [email]Rachie1985@aol.com[/email]

Take care Rach

On Mar 26, 2006

Many thanks Rach. I've emailed you.

On Apr 3, 2006

Hi Adele, just don't want you to think I've forgotten about you, I have drafted a translation, but just want to run it by a friend first,

Sorry it's taking a while Take care Rach

On Apr 3, 2006

Rach, Thanks so much. No rush....I don't leave until May 23.

Once finished, Is it ok if I post it here so that others may benefit from it? Thanks!!! Adele

On Apr 4, 2006

Of course that's OK, I'm seeing my friend at the end of the week, so it should be around then - she lives in France at the moment and is coming back for Easter, so she will have a better idea of what "sounds" French - sometimes proper French doesn't come across well.

Hope all is well Take care Rach

On Apr 13, 2006

If anyone needs it, The Food Allergy Initiative has restaurant cards in 8 different languages on their downloads page. [url="http://www.foodallergyinitiative.org/section_home.cfm?section_id=5"]http://www.foodallergyinitiative.org/section_home.cfm?section_id=5[/url]

Take care