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Hello new to the fourm, nut allergy sufferer amongst a host of other allergies

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I been through a lot in the last couple years, well I haven't been properly diagnosed with a nut allergy (I'm unable to work and no income so no med help) my last contact with nuts and anything processed with nuts was scary to say the very least. about 3 years ago well discovering I had IBS I was unable to eat most everything, so I had some organic peanut butter, I was ok with it a few time though I noticed my throat felt a little funny. Finally the last time I had it my throat felt like it was swelling, my lips where burning bad and itchy. I didn't go to the hospital but monitored my condition, most of the discomfort subsided over night and into the next day.

Aside from that scary experience, I've been through a long trial of eliminating foods and trying foods on my own. I can not not eat wheat/gluten, any spices, corn, Beans especially Lentils (that was another scary night), soy and I've been lactose intolerant from birth

I also suffer from latex allergies and chemical sensitives. Soaps and or laundry detergents with smells... perfumes/air fresheners/cleaners/hand sanitizers/dryer sheets, chemicals etc.. make me extremely ill to be around them (people standing in line, rooms that have been febreezed etc etc..)

Right now the diet I have my self on is: Organic lundburg rice, Chicken (springer mountain farms), organic olive oil and brown rice pasta manufactured by Tinkyada. In the mornings i have cream of rice cereal with rice dream rice milk.

I find the hardest part about all this, aside from missing food, is trying to find foods not cross contaminated with nuts or processed in a facility that uses nuts. I'm growing tired calling manufacture after manufacture to find out about there products only to be belittled.

And lastly the one thing I am thankful for in all of this is that I am somewhat healthier in regards to weight. For a period in my life do to depression I got up to 309 pounds, in a little over a year from 2006 I dropped 175 pounds eliminating most everything out of my diet and finding what I could eat that didn't make me sick in one way or another.

By comfortablynumb on Jun 22, 2010

Hello it can be scary at times, and frustrating beyond belief.

I'm not currently under any kind of medical care, the only doctor I saw was a GI about 2 years ago for my stomach. With out working and no income it's next to impossible to get any kind of help. So I just try to take care of my self as best as possible and keep a strict watch on my diet.

By cervonil on Jun 22, 2010

gosh that is scary! Are you working with a Dr or a nutritionist?

By teresap989 on Sep 10, 2010

Hi ! I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

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By ses1978 on Sep 6, 2010

I am glad I am not in this boat alone by no means. But I could use some pointers from others with multiple allergies of various degrees.

By crickett4444 on Sep 12, 2010

Welcome! It must be very frustrating and scary to even think about eating! I am not sure how you are coping with all of this.