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Posted on: Wed, 06/19/2002 - 10:48am
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pHi,br /
I've enjoyed checking out this site. I'm 33 with severe peanut allergy my whole life. My family and friends think that I'm overly obsevive because I usually refuse to eat anything that I have not prepared myself from fresh ingredients. I'm actually allergic to all nuts but peanuts are the worse. I've seen people writing that peanuts arn't a nut but a legume. I've never had any reaction to any beans or peas or whatever else falls under the legume catagory, but any nut makes me sick and the smallest tiny amount of peanuts sends me to the emergency room./p
p Are there many adults with peanut allergy here? From reading the boards, it seems mostly mothers of peanut allergy children. I'm happy your working hard to keep your children safe. /p
pP.S. I've read a lot of people coming down on pilsbury but I've eaten there bisquits my whole life and never had any reaction./p

Posted on: Wed, 06/19/2002 - 11:04am
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Welcome to this site. I am 38 and have been allergic to peanuts all my life too. I can eat some other nuts eg walnuts and almonds and I have no problems with legumes. My twin sister who also has the same allergy does not seem to tollerate "pea and ham soup" but like me can eat other legumes. I have never tried cashews or hazelnuts. Although I may have accidently had them when they were in mixed nuts.(that made my reaction worse). I think I may also have a problem with pine nuts which are all the rage at the moment (due to pesto being popular). You should look at Adults living with peanut allergy section of this site. It is very informative.

Posted on: Wed, 06/19/2002 - 1:04pm
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Peanuts are a legume, but as I understand it aren't usually cross reactive with other legumes except soy. I think you are actually more likely to be allergic to tree nuts if you have a PN allergy, than to be allergic to other legumes. Of course, I haven't paid too much attention to the statistics because my little ones allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and soy. Check out the files section for a link to a report on all the recent research done on peanut allergy (if you're into that kind of info)

Posted on: Thu, 06/20/2002 - 1:11am
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I'm also an adult with PA. I don't have an allergy to nuts, but there is always the risk of reactions due to cross contamination. Peanuts are often stored or mixed with other nuts which is one reason people with PA avoid nuts and vice-versa.

Posted on: Tue, 07/23/2002 - 2:12pm
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I am also a young adult who has been peanut allergic for 28 years. I don't have allergies to tree nuts, although I have avoided cashews b/c I had a cross reaction one time (which happened to be my first anaphylactic reaction-peanuts and cashews were in one of those bowls and i didn't even look!)
Anyway, some of my friends and family think I am a little bonkers when I refuse to eat anything that i have no clue if there is a slight chance of having peanuts. But, I don't care; my safety is more important than their feelings (I do try not to be rude, but this one man I know seems to be offended by my reluctance to eat anything I haven't seen the ingredients on!)
For the most part, I have very supportive friends and family when it comes to peanuts. Sometimes my bil makes fun of me, but then he makes fun of me for everything!

Posted on: Tue, 07/23/2002 - 11:24pm
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Hi I'm 23 and have had the allergy all my life too.
Likewise, I don't react to other legumes, but I have reacted to any other nuts I've consumed so I stay away from them all. Peanuts and almonds are the worst for me.
Thankfully, although my family and friends make fun of my allergy almost always, they do take it seriously and look out for me (which gets quite annoying at times!). They all know where the epi is and how to use it, although one of my friends constantly needs to be reminded that he does not need to do a "Pulp Fiction" (Uma Thurman getting adrenaline straight in the heart) with the needle if I ever react!
I think for the most part I'm quite lucky though because pn isn't very popular over here (I'm Irish). PB is not a staple for kids and pn cooking oil is the most expensive kind you can buy, so obviously restaurants (and most people) choose to use less expensive veggie oil instead.

Posted on: Wed, 07/24/2002 - 12:46pm
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I'm 30 and have been allergic to peanuts all my life, too. I'm also anaphylactic to some tree nuts. I won't eat any nut - can't stand them so I assume I'm probably allergic to most of them. I used to eat pistacios, but recently they started making my throat itch [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]
The only other legume that bothers me is soy and then only sometimes.


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