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Hi, my name is Tara. I have 6 kids and live in Ontario. I just founnd out that my 15 month old son has peanut allergies the hard way. My mother in law made my kids peanut butter sandwiches a couple days ago,and he just broke out in hives all over his faces and on his belly,back and legs. His face and eyes were swollen,it looked as if someone hit him in the eyes, they were really red too. even his ears were bright red and swollen, I freaked...none of my other kids have this problem, so i didnt know what to do, i ran up to the doctor. I go to see the allergist in 4 days, this is all new to me and very scary.

On Jun 24, 2006

Hi Tara.

Sorry you and your family are going through this. I have adult on-set allergies, so I'll leave the mommy-stuff for others here to help you with.

But, since I'm also in Ontario I can tell you some companies to start buying stuff from: Chapman's Ice-Cream, DARE cookies and candies, Christie cookies and crackers, Nestle candybars, General Mills cereals, Post cereals.

Always read the ingedient labels. If peanut/nut is not listed as an actual ingredient, check under the list to see what allergens the product *may contain*. The companies I have listed will put it if there is a risk of cross-contamination with peanut/nut. Not all companies do that, but these ones do.

Oh ya! If your family really enjoys peanutbutter but you decide to ban it from your home (many people here make that decision) you can try some peanutbutter substitutes. My personal favourite is peabutter [url="http://www.peabutter.ca"]www.peabutter.ca[/url]

And if your little guy tests positive to any other foods, people here might be able to help you dealing with those allergies, or you could check [url="http://www.allergicliving.com"]www.allergicliving.com[/url] . It is a Canadian magazine, and there is an active forum there as well.

On Jun 24, 2006

I too just found out that my dd (3 1/2) is allergic to p-nuts and tree nuts (about a week ago) and just found this group the other day. You've come to the right place! Everyone here is very thoughtful and helpful and there is a TON of information here. Just explore the site a bit and you'll learn a lot. Hang in there, you're DEFINITELY not alone though I know how scary this all is! The nice about this site is that there is always going to be somebody who understands exactly what you're going through at any given stage of dealing with the allergy. ((((((Hugs))))))) to you!

On Jun 25, 2006

Hi and thank you both so much. I will check out the peanut butter substitutes, and also thanks for the list of safe foods. and thanks (edited), It is nice to have forums like these, to talk to others going through the same thing, because I dont know anyone around me who has any kind of food allergy, I will keep reading and checking in here every day, I was really quite clueless about all this, Thanks so much! Tara