Hello from Australia


Hello everyone,

Have been browsing this site for a little while now and thought it was well past time I introduced myself. Very appreciative of the information and insights from hours of reading here. Sometimes worry that my standards of care are not high enough but try to do the best possible.

Nick is 4 and pa, also allergic to milk, eggs, watermelon and mango. It was a very small amount of cheese that resulted in anaphylaxis at the age of 9 months. His reaction was to lose consciousness about 5 minutes after eating the cheese. I was aware of severe peanut and shellfish allergies but had no idea that it was possible to be that allergic to cow's milk. Luckily he survived and we have been on a steep learning curve ever since.

We live in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. I have two other children aged 13 and 10 who have no food allergies.

On Mar 7, 2002

Hi, I'm in Canberra too. In Calwell (Tuggeranong). Where are you? I have 3 kids - 2 girls (13 & 11) with no allergies and Ben (61/2) anaphylactic to cashew, peanut, almond. Hope to hear from you.


On Mar 9, 2002


My 13 month old son was just dx 3 weeks ago with PA and very slight egg white. We have a friend who's daughter has had multiple anaphelatic reactions due to her milk allergy (she is almost 4 yrs old) and was dx when she was an infant.

I just wanted to say what a beautiful city Canberra is. I am from the US and visited Australia in 1994 (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adalade, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs, Cairns, & Brisbane). I still enjoy looking at photo's & remembering the short time I spent there and hope someday to return.

Stay safe.