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Hello everyone! I am excited to find this forum. A brief into here. I have 2 kiddos 1 with lots of allergies and 1 with none. My dd now 7yo was diagnosed with severe pa at 14 months (bad reaction it was pretty obvious) and now suffers from just about every environmental allergy known to man. She's been so good about it, but there is always that inescapable learning process and the slew of emotions that come with the territory. I'm glad to find others who understand. It can be tough in a world that is often hostile or indifferent to food allergies. I can't count the times people have told me I was 'overreacting'. A couple of questions for anyone who may know: Anything that helps get rid of the eczema? And any place you may know of that sells raw nuts and seeds that are peanut free? She loves other nuts and seeds and has no problems with them. Although she does have some intolerances peanuts are her only actual food allergy.

On Jan 4, 2009

Welcome, kiku!

My 5 year old son has a peanut allergy, eczema, and asthma. I may have some helpful info on the eczema and nuts questions.

I am copying a reply I provided re: eczema on another bulletin board recently: For eczema, I recommend finding an allergist who will possibly prescribe a mild corticosteroid ointment. It took me a little while to be comfortable using a corticosteroid on my son, but the doctors finally persuaded me it would give my son relief from the discomfort/pain/itching and get the eczema under control.Over the last 3 and 1/2 years, we have used desonide ointment as needed, usually only a couple days does the trick, and that can take care of the eczema for many months. We only apply a very thin layer, twice a day during flare-ups.

We had no success with moisturizers used alone. The skin would get a teeny tiny bit better but not much, the discomfort would remain and then he'd scratch any way he could manage and it would get worse. To my knowledge, he has not suffered any ill effects from it. (No white marks, scars, etc)

For moisturizers, we have used hydrated petrolatum or vanicream daily and it seems to keep the skin from drying. He has a bath every other day, except during flare-ups. Then, we switch to daily.

Re: safe seeds and nuts. We only have the go ahead for "safe" pistachios. I found "safe" pistachios at Shaw's Supermarket. They were in the produce section and come in a black package. They are from Cal-Pure Pistachios, which is part of Paramount Farms. They say they only handle and process pistachios and almonds. They also do "Almond Accents" which you may have seen in the salad section/produce section at your supermarket.

I also found another place for pistachios and emailed them--a pistachio farm. They wrote back to say they only do pistachios-- [url="http://www.santabarbarapistachios.com/"]Santa Barbara Pistachios[/url].

There are some companies which are peanut-safe for sunflower seeds and soy nuts. I have some available in my estore, [url="http://www.fabsnacks.com."]http://www.fabsnacks.com.[/url] They are also available at other online stores as well.

Hope this info helps!

Best, Jennifer B. [url="http://www.foodallergybuzz.com"]Food Allergy Buzz[/url]

On Jan 4, 2009

Hi and welcome. My daughter, now 11, had a severe reaction at 18 months. She is also, as we like to say "allergic to the world." She handles it very well and doesn't let it stop her at all.

For excema we use Elidel cream regularly and add a steroid cream if it gets really bad. Bathing less often actually helps because dry skin is a problem, always apply lotion right after a bath. We try to always shower after swimming because chlorine seems to make a huge flare up. My daughter scratches in her sleep, so during a really bad time she will sleep with cotton gloves on. And whenever I catch her scratching in the day I send her to put on more lotion.

We have used David's brand sunflower seeds. (But now sadly she is allergic to sunflower seeds too.) We also roast our own pumpkin seeds with butter and salt, after carving a pumpkin. I have had luck with pecans bought directly from farmers who do not grow or peanuts. For almonds we buy them in the shell and crack them for her so she never touches the outside. We avoid most other nuts because she is allergic to some.

On Jan 4, 2009

Thank you to both of you for your welcome and words of wisdom :) And thanks a bunch for the food recommendations! I'm going to go check them out.

Your kiddos both sound like the eczema is miserable :( I'm sorry. Dd's usually stays on her rump as a rash. It gets really bad in the heat or at the pool as well. If she's having a flare it travels down the insides of her legs and the backs of her knees, sometimes around to her stomach. It never really completely goes away, just some days better than others. Thanks again for the advice!

If you have a Costco membership/store around you can get almonds and pecans that are peanut-free. They seem to switch processing plants though so always read the back because sometimes they are 'processed in a plant that also processes peanuts' and sometimes it is just other tree nuts. Thanks for the pistachio lead! We love them :) I'm hoping to find raw cashews, raw pumpkin seeds and raw sunflower seeds as well. If I come across any I'll spread the word.

On Jan 9, 2009

Hi. Enjoy Life offers a yummy trail mix full of seeds and things that are nut and peanut free.