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Hello Everyone!

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I just came across this website and am so happy that I did. We found out my son had a PA at 14 months. What a scary experience. Now, I have so many concerns and questions. I'm glad I found a place gain some knowledge and share with others.

On Jun 29, 2008

Sorry your son has a food allergy. How old is your son now? How did you find out he had PA? This can be a very helpful site and the people here very helpful. Cindy

On Jun 29, 2008

Sorry for the allergy. But it is managable and you find a comfort zone after a while. you will also change that comfort zone as your child grows.

this is a great web site. Welcome

On Jul 2, 2008

My son is now 16 months old. We found out he had a PA through a PB&J sandwich. I was unaware of introducing PB until 2 (and feel so guilty about it). He ate two bites, broke out in a rash and hives, then off to the ER we went. He was later tested diagnosed with the PA. It is a bit overwhelming, but I'm learning so much from this site already. Thank you for the warm welcome.