Hello all Really glad to see this!!!!!


I guess our story is about the same. When our little Sami was about 7 months old he reached for some of Kelly's Bagel with Peanut Butter on it. We thought it was cute so we gave him a bit. He kinda spit it out and spread it on his face. I took him to the bath to wash him off and I started noticing these red spots appearing all over his body. I immediatly called Kelly to look she ran strait to the phone and dialed 911. by the time she got back Sami's eyes where almost swelled shut and his lips where swelling. I was a mes trying to stay calm, My wife knew exactly what to say and do THANK GOD. The paramedics arrived withing 5 min. by that time the swelling had started to go down. They called the childrens hospital and the physician on duty told them to check his lungs for wheezing. Luckily Sami did not recieve much and his lungs where fine. The next day we where in the pediatrictions office then to an allergist. Now its almost 1 1/2 year of keeping an eagle eye on what we buy, asking waiters to be 100% sure the kitchen does not use peamut oil, and always knowing where the Epi Pen is. Im glad I found this. Thanks for the support