Hello all


Currently reading through the forums and website trying to absorb as much info as I can. My 2 yr old tested positive for multiple food allergies, including peanuts (class IV)and shellfish (class V) as the most severe ones. He has exhibited severe reactions to even trace amounts of peanut, including skin rash, flushing, vomiting, coughing and choking. Doctor finally gave me an epipen which I now carry with me everywhere, though I haven't had to use it yet thankfully. I've become very diligent about reading food labels... only surprise problems happen when we're eating out.

His peanut kU/L was 3.97. I've read elsewhere that if the level is this low as a toddler, they are likely to grow out of it as an adult....?

Have any of you tried introducing trace amounts of peanuts to your diet to lessen the reaction? I plan on keeping the level I and II food allergies in my son's diet occasionally so hopefully they will not become more severe, but he has had such a strong reaction to even minor amounts of peanut that I'm afraid to have it in the house.

Just curious about everyone's experiences.


By cervonil on Jul 7, 2011

your lucky his levels are so low, but peanut allergies can be very unpredictable and I would never ever give him any peanut at home in case of a reaction - which he has already had. That can be very dangerous. There is a chance he may outgrow it since his levels are so low. Please discuss this with your allergist. We do not have any peanut butter/peanuts in our house anymore. WE love Barney butter -which is almond butter produced in a peanut free facility so no chance for cross contamination.