hello all


I'm a f/t working mom, married, living in Ohio, with an almost 3 yr old boy who is seriously allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. He has been diagnosed for just over a year now. He was considered a class 4 allergy, and has his epi pen jr, which thankfully we have never had to use yet.

his first allergy was eating peanut butter, and he projectile vomitted many times over. We weren't sure if it was cuz of the texture for teh first time or allergy, so we just avoided them. then I ended up with peanut residue on my hands when we were flying, and I was rubbing tears from his face (cuz his ears were popping), and his face broke out in a rash, and his eye swelled up. So we went to see the dr. First dr said oh it's just a virus. Needless to say we changed dr's right away. He got a blood test done for him, and his numbers were in teh 20's, I forget the exact number. Sent a prescription right away for him to the pharmacy for an epi pen jr.

Some extended family doesn't acknowledge how serious his allergy can be, and I don't want to find out the hard way either (aka inlaws) DH one cousin gave him honey nut cheerios a few weekends ago, and didn't tell me about it til the following weekend. ME and DH panicked thinking about possible things that have happened, that could of related to it. I was told by dr that the more exposure to the allergen, the worse the reaction can become. (without proper testing and such.

well nice to meet all you, and I'll be around. Since I work f/t, then when I get home, take DH to work, so makes for a long week. We take turns watching our son during the day to save on daycare.

On Apr 19, 2008

Hi There,

Sorry that you have to deal with this. My DH family took it verylightly. They still kind of do.... therefore I will not leave my DS in my MIL care. She doesn't live close to us so we don't see her on a weekly basis and she spends the winter in FL so....

She is dying for me to let my DS stay with her for a weekend but I won't do that. she is just to careless. I don't hink she would intensionally give him something but she doesn't understand that " may contains" is not safe.

anyway, welcome.