Hello, a newbie here, just wanted to introduce myself and my little nut

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Hello everyone, I just found this site today and I hope that it helps me when things get frustrated and no one else seems to "get" it. My son is 6 years old and we have known he was allergic to Nuts since he was about 2. When he was walking we started giving him small tastes of peanutbutter, he would throw it up and so we just thought it was too thick for him. When he started going to a Child Care center he would avoid the snacks (peanutbutter crunch and peanutbutter cookies) The teachers just thought he wasn't hungry. "It's amazing how these kids know their bodies before we do" The day finally came, a teacher gave him a peanut m&m. He got sick, we took him to the doctors, the doctor sent me to an allergist, you know the drill. Peanuts are the worst, then every other nut behind that. My biggest fear was how are we going to teach this 2 year old that he can't have the fun stuff to eat that all the others get to eat. Not a problem!! The teacher who gave him the m&m felt so bad she had him saying "no nuts" by the end of the day and knowing what that means. I am sure everyone knows the routine, called all of his favorite resturants, checked all labels. Most of my family is great, they won't even give him something that says may contain or was produced in the same facility. I have to give thanks, to my little man. He will ask you a dozen times if there are nuts in what he is about to eat and if it looks supicious he will say no thanks and walk away. The throwing up and breaking out in a rash is somthing the doctor says he might out grow, I hope not, since this seems to have kept me from having to use the epi-pen. He cannot smell it or touch it without getting sick, let alone taste it. Listen to me I am rambling on and on. Sorry so long...

On Jun 28, 2006

Hello and welcome - glad you found us. Feel free to ask any questions. There is a lot of good information here.