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Hi everyone,

New here and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Wendi, mom to 5.5 yr old triplets. All 4 of us have allergies and eczema and are in the middle of changing allergists at the moment.

Katie has had a mouth/throat reaction several times to Yoo Hoo, but we cannot figure out what it is that is causing it. She eats all the ingredients listed without problems. It has to be cross contamination, but I did not know enough about allergies at the time to know to call the manufacturer.

Shouldn't she have an epi-jr 'just in case' even though we don't know what is causing this?

Katie is also allergic to the sun and gets a horrid rash and quite lethargic even with the smallest amount of sun exposure in the spring, summer and fall... seems to be ok this winter though! I worry this will end up in an anaphylactic reaction.

Luke had a rash reaction 3 years ago and is allergic to eggs. It is possible there were internal reactions as well (based on the way he was acting) but he was non-verbal at the time and could not tell us. His latest skin testing came out looking the same to both eggs and peanuts, but for some reason the old allergist said he was allergic to eggs and not peanuts. Huh? He had a RAST done recently for eggs right after the skin testing was positive (she refused to do a RAST for peanuts) and that came out negative, but I am not exposing him to eggs! He also had the worst case of hives I have ever seen to some medications, but unfortunatley we are not sure which one since it was a combo cold/cough med I gave him. It has to be the active ingredients, I have ruled out all the inactive ingredients.

Maddie had the same reaction as Luke did to eggs on the same day 3 yrs ago (non-verbal at that time, but again I suspect an internal reaction). We did another skin test for egg and peanut recently, both positive, and then RASTs for both also came back positive. She did have what I now think was a GI and heart reaction to something about 2 years ago (based on the symptoms listed here: [url="http://www.foodallergy.org/actionplan.pdf)"]http://www.foodallergy.org/actionplan.pdf)[/url] must have been cross contamination because all the foods she had that day were egg and peanut free... but when it happened I called the pediatrician she said it must be a virus and not to bring her to ER, and I was stupid enough to listen (we were VERY lucky). Of course nobody else ever got sick, it was NOT a virus, but I don't know what it was an allergic reaction to!

I am not really sure where the peanut exposure came from, I have been avoiding peanuts since birth due to family anaphylactic responses and they were in a peanut free preschool... though now looking at your manufacturer's forum I am surprised to see I really have not been avoiding them! I did not know about all those products, like shampoos, etc.

I have asthma and am allergic to tons of foods... too many to list here...mostly GI reactions, some asthma, skin testing positive but RAST negative to most. Not allgeric peanuts surprisingly! Most scents cause asthma. Lots of chemicals cause ashtma and eczema for me too. I am allergic to lots of medications too, which seems to be getting worse with time. I now have an epi for myself after the last reaction to a trace of my daughter's antibiotics.

I am trying to find all new products to use that don't have any chance of cross-contamination but also do not cause me to have asthma attacks or anyone to have eczema! This is difficult! I thought I finally had the right combo before reading your forums!

Sorry so long!

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